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Dental Implants in Sydney

Getting dental implants in Sydney can be a great way to restore your smile, oral health, and your confidence all in one go.

See our below list of practices that can offer you dental implants in Sydney.

Kissing Point Road Dental

2 Kissing Point Road Turramurra NSW 2074
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Macquarie Street Dental

1102 / 135 Macquarie Street Sydney NSW 2000
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Blue House Dental

Frenchs Forest
45 Grace Ave Frenchs Forest NSW 2086
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Grace Dental (Strathfield)

Shop 252 / 20-34 Albert Rd Strathfield NSW 2135
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Forum Dentistry

St Leonards
1 Sergeants Ln St Leonards NSW 2065
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Apple Dental

Lane Cove
1/1 Finlayson St Lane Cove NSW 2066
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Hugh Fleming Dentistry

Suite 4/600 Military Road Mosman NSW 2088
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Dynamic Smile

249 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield NSW 2131
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Fantastic Smile

162 Forest Rd, Hurstville NSW 2220
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CBD Dental

Level 2, 74 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000
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1311 Pacific Hwy, Turramurra NSW 2074
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Dental Implants in Sydney

Why choose Dental Implants?

This treatment is available for anyone who is missing one or more teeth, or someone who is about to have an adult tooth removed. Having a gap in your smile can result in a loss of confidence, but importantly, missing teeth can have a negative effect on your oral health as it increases wear and tear on your remaining teeth and can cause other issues.

Dental implants are often the preferred method of replacing missing teeth. They are implanted into your jaw bone for a highly durable, long lasting and comfortable false tooth. The process itself takes several appointments and many months, as it begins with placing an implant into your jaw bone and giving it several months to heal and strengthen before taking the final steps to add the false tooth.

The benefit of dental implants is that it offers a permanent, natural looking tooth that can minimise the chance of further issues due to a lost tooth, and will help to boost your confidence in your smile as well.

If you’re looking to get dental implants in Sydney CBD or anywhere around Sydney, use our Find a Practice tool to locate the nearest dental practice to you.

Restore your smile with dental implants

Restore your smile with dental implants

Should I choose National Dental Care for dental implants in Sydney?

There are several National Dental Care dental practices in Sydney that offer dental implants so you can find a convenient practice near you. Here are some reasons why you should choose National Dental Care for dental implants in Sydney:

  • Our dental practices are equipped with the latest technology for the ultimate standard of care.
  • Our friendly dentists in Sydney will help you feel comfortable at every step of the process and will fully explain the treatment.
  • Our SmileFund and Afterpay programs help to ensure you get the treatment you need and pay it off over time rather than in one lump sum.

Frequently asked questions

There are numerous dental practices that offer dental implants in Sydney CBD, including the Sydney CBD practice, Macquarie Street, and Barangaroo. You can also get dental implants across Sydney in Mosman, Lane Cove, Ashfield, Hurstville and Turramurra. Use our Find a Practice tool to find the most convenient dental practice to your location.

The cost of a dental implant in Sydney can vary quite dramatically depending on a number of factors, such as if you require more than one implant, the type of dental implant required (for example, All-on-4 dental implants) or even the type of materials used.

Yes, you definitely can get multiple dental implants in one sitting, you can get as many as you need during your appointments. Your dentist will talk you through the options and the process during your initial dental implant consultation.

The only reasons why you might not have several in one go could be if you prefer not to pay for multiple dental implants at once, or if part of your mouth or jaw needs to heal or strengthen before they are ready to receive dental implants.

The most obvious dental issue that a dental implant helps with is that it fills the gap in your teeth so that you can return to eating, drinking and talking normally. By replacing a tooth (or teeth), you are also helping the remaining natural teeth to bear the burden of chewing, so the remaining teeth are not worn down due to the extra strain.

Additionally, a dental implant can help to reduce and avoid shrinking in the jawbone, which can occur when there is no tooth to support in the socket. It also helps to retain your face shape, as the muscle in your cheek can sag when there is a tooth missing below it.

Overall, dental implants can have a genuine and lasting positive impact on your oral health.

Yes, there are two dental implants in Sydney payment plan options. Our SmileFund and Afterpay programs are both available to help you spread out the cost of your treatment. The SmileFund requires a 20% deposit but gives you up to 24 months to pay off the cost with no interest. Afterpay breaks the cost down into four equal payments that you pay off over an eight week period.