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National Dental Care has almost one thousand team members across Australia. As well as dentists – our team is made up of a range of healthcare providers and support staff members such as the Human Resource team.   … read more

Many dental treatments require a local anaesthetic to numb the area before treatment can begin. It’s not fun, but mostly it’s just a quick moment of discomfort which allows for work to be completed without further pain.

Today’s techniques are a big improvement over the dental treatments your parents endured. But sometimes parents pass on a fear of dentists to their children, who grow up avoiding necessary dental work.

If you’re a trifle (or a lot) nervous about seeing the dentist because of injections, this quick guide to dental anaesthetics can help. And so can your National Dental Care practitioner, who is experienced in ensuring anxious patients can get the treatment they need in a way they can manage.

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It’s not really the Queen’s birthday this long weekend – she’s already blown out 92 candles in April – but the date conveniently spaces public holidays in Australia. It’s a great chance to get away for a break, or to binge-watch a TV series while the weather is cool – The Crown could be ideal this weekend!

But if this extra time out is reminding you that you’re almost half way through the year and behind on personal maintenance, maybe it’s time for some regal attitude. … read more

Dairy Month celebrates the importance of dairy foods in our daily diet. Dairy foods such as milk, cream, yoghurt and cheese contain essential nutrients which help to grow stronger bones and teeth, avert osteoporosis, and build and repair muscle. A good diet is important for good health and our overall health affects our dental health. … read more

Everyone knows that smoking is damaging to your lungs; but surely it’s just bad for your teeth because it stains them and gives you bad breath, right?

Wrong; smoking is one of the leading causes of tooth loss because of how it slows healing in your mouth. Worse, it can also cause oral cancers.

World No Tobacco Day, every 31 May, highlights health and other risks related to tobacco use and advocates for reduced tobacco use and protection from the risks of secondhand smoke.

If you’re a smoker or once smoked, you may have dental issues needing help. Here’s why smoking is such bad news for your teeth.

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Dental prosthetics are artificial replacements or functional assistants for teeth, and other parts of the mouth, such as the gums. Strictly speaking, they’re known as prosthodontics and they come in two kinds – removeable (such as dentures) and fixed, eg crowns or implants. They restore your dental appearance and/or function, allowing you to eat more easily and comfortably.

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It wasn’t that long ago that lasers were more Star Wars than something you were likely to consider for your next dental procedure.

But laser dentistry is a rapidly growing industry. It offers high-precision treatments which minimise pain and speed recovery in a variety of dental issues. … read more

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