The iTero® scanner takes a detailed 3D dental image of your teeth and gums.

An iTero® scanner is a device used by dentists and orthodontists to digitally map out the mouth in preparation for Invisalign® treatment. When patients want to improve their bite or smile, the dentist first needs to know the current position of the teeth and gums. This is historically done by making impressions of the mouth however, now dentists can create a 3D image of your teeth in just minutes using an iTero® scanner.

How does iTero® Technology work?

The iTero® scanner works by using digital technology to come up with a 3D map of the mouth. The scan is what the dentist uses to create a treatment plan and it becomes the blueprint for your custom aligners to be made.

All the information necessary to develop a map of the mouth can be gathered in just a few minutes. As a result, you spend less time in the chair and it's a more comfortable process than the traditional method.

The advantages of an iTero®

With an iTero® scanner, patients get a much more precise and accurate scan over what can be achieved with traditional impressions. Conventionally, dentists and orthodontists use a liquid plaster product to make a mould of your teeth and gums. To do this, metal or plastic trays are placed in the mouth and a liquid solution is used to surround the teeth and gums. The patient then has to wait until the solution becomes an almost solid material. The mould that is formed is sent to the lab where they make the custom fit aligners.

The material that is used for these impressions is not ideal as it can be messy and uncomfortable for the patient. From start to finish, making dental impressions the old-fashioned way is a much lengthier and more difficult process than the quick and easy iTero®.

An iTero® scanner provides the following benefits over traditional methods:

  • A quicker and more timely process
  • The scan is more precise and accurate
  • Fewer redos and a better aligner fit
  • No goopy physical impressions used
  • You get to see your new smile before you even start treatment

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