How a Brighter Smile Can Boost Your Happiness

Published on September 06, 2021

How a Brighter Smile Can Boost Your Happiness

We all know that smiling is something we do when we feel good - but did you know that the physical act of smiling can actually make you feel happier and more confident?

If you're self-conscious about your smile due to stained or discoloured teeth, you may be less likely to flash your smile and enjoy the mood-boosting benefits. The good news is, it's quick, easy, and safe to brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening - so you can experience the self-confidence that comes with a bright smile.

The science behind your smile

We smile for all kinds of reasons. Whether it’s in response to pleasure, a reaction to something funny, or a way of expressing our feelings towards someone we love, smiling is a universal language that signifies happiness.

But did you know that the physical act of smiling itself can boost your mood and even improve your health?

Scientific studies have shown that the action of smiling sends a signal to your brain to release endorphins - known as the ‘feel good’ hormones due to their ability to make us feel happy and elevate our mood. Research has also linked endorphins with improved health, including boosted immunity.

Interestingly, it doesn’t matter whether the smile is genuine or fake, as your brain can’t tell the difference. So as long as you’re breaking into a grin, you can get the happiness hit of those feel-good endorphins!

Are discoloured teeth causing you to hide your smile?

Teeth discolouration can be caused by many different factors. Common reasons for staining - often characterised by a yellowish or brown tinge - include consuming a lot of teeth-staining beverages such as tea, coffee, or red wine. However, discoloured teeth can also be caused by smoking tobacco or taking certain medications.

If you suffer from discolouration, you may be unwilling to smile fully due to not wanting to show your teeth. This anxiety around your smile can have a significant impact on your confidence, particularly in social settings or work situations.

How to get a whiter, brighter smile safely

When it comes to brightening up your smile, professional teeth whitening is an ideal solution for removing stains, reducing discolouration, and leaving you with whiter teeth and a more radiant smile.

As well as being more effective, professional teeth whitening is also much safer than DIY whitening options, as your teeth will be whitened under the supervision of a dental professional.

Professional teeth whitening at a dental practice

If your local National Dental Care or DB Dental practice is currently open for non-urgent treatments, you may want to opt for in-chair whitening.

In-chair teeth whitening takes around one hour, making it a quick and convenient way to whiten your teeth from the comfort of one of our practices. Your dentist will apply a professional-grade whitening solution to your teeth and may also use a special whitening light.

In addition to your in-chair session, your dentist will also advise on the best way to maintain your teeth’s whiteness in the future.

Contact your local practice to find out if in-chair teeth whitening is available.

Whitening your teeth professionally at home

Did you know you can safely whiten your teeth at home with one of our professional take-home whitening kits?

This option involves the use of custom dental trays combined with a whitening gel, for which your dentist will provide clear instructions on how to apply.

While at-home teeth whitening takes longer than in-chair whitening - generally around two weeks for optimal results - it’s extremely convenient and is less invasive than whitening at the dental practice.

If you’re concerned about teeth discolouration or would like to discuss professional teeth whitening options at your local National Dental Care or DB Dental practice, get in touch with our friendly team today - and enjoy the confidence that comes with a brighter smile!

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