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Brighten your smile with our professional in-chair or take-home whitening options

If you find yourself longing for a whiter, brighter smile, you are not alone. The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recently noted that "The popularity of teeth whitening is surging", especially in young adults. The benefits of teeth whitening extend far beyond a beautiful smile, with patients reporting increased self-confidence and reduced oral bacteria.

Patients today have more whitening options than ever before. From in-practice procedures to at-home whitening kits, patients can safely and comfortably enjoy the benefits of a brighter smile. Your trusted dentist will review your whitening goals along with your oral health and recommend a safe, effective whitening treatment personalised to meet your needs.

How professional whitening treatments work

Your dentist will review whitening options with you to determine which option is the best fit for you. In general, there are two treatment options: In-chair whitening and at-home whitening.

Here is a look at what you can expect with each of these options:

In-chair Whitening

This type of whitening will require one or more visits to a dental practice. You should plan to be in the dental chair for about an hour while your dentist applies a professional-grade whitening solution to your teeth. Depending on the type of solution used, your dentist may also use a bright light to maximise results. Following the application of the solution, your dentist will guide you in making lifestyle changes to help keep your teeth white.

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Available Teeth Whitening Methods

At National Dental Care / DB Dental, we offer multiple options for whitening your teeth:

This in-chair method requires a separate appointment for teeth whitening. This method uses a 40% concentration of carbamide peroxide. This method represents the right choice for people who want a considerable level of whitening but don't expect to experience a significant reaction or sensitivity to the gel used.

A whitening process that takes place in the comfort of your home. The at-home method also represents the least amount of risk for adverse reactions. The downside of this method involves the amount of time it takes for optimum results. It may take up to two weeks to whiten your teeth.

It is a method that may take place when you go in to get other dental work done. Three applications of the whitening gel take place since the level of carbamide peroxide measures relatively low.

Take-home Whitening

An alternative option to in-chair whitening is a take-home whitening kit that includes custom dental trays and whitening gel. Your dentist will provide instructions to guide you on applying your whitening gel to achieve desired results. In most cases, it takes longer to achieve desired results with at-home whitening kits. At-home whitening kits are less invasive and patients often like the convenience of whitening their teeth at home.

What's involved in take-home teeth whitening?

Take-home whitening kits represent a great way to whiten your teeth in your own time:

Take-home whitening contains potassium nitrate and fluoride or PF. PF helps maintain the health of the enamel. It may also prevent cavities and even lessen teeth sensitivity. The formula also prevents dehydration and shade relapse. Additionally, as a National Dental Care / DB Dental patient, even though you're at home, your dentist remains a resource for any questions or problems.

While using Take-home whitening treatments, you may notice a slight difference after the first session, but for the best results it takes about one to two weeks of the in-home treatment to get optimum results. The amount of carbamide peroxide contained in the gel determines the amount of time to wear your trays per session for whitening results. These professional-strength gels can only be used in custom made trays, under the supervision of a dentist. The colour and condition of your teeth and your tolerance may help determine which level to choose.

You can choose the strength of whitening solution based on your individual needs, and the whitening gel can come in a variety of different flavours (regular, melon or mint – depending on the brand you opt for) to make the process more pleasant.

What to consider when deciding on teeth whitening

Have you tried whitening toothpaste and other products promising pearly whites, but you're not seeing results? It might be important to start asking yourself if professional teeth whitening might make the difference you've been looking for:

  • Does the condition of your teeth adversely affect your self-esteem?
  • What method of teeth whitening fits best in your budget?
  • How does your schedule align with the different choices for teeth whitening?
  • What level of whitening do you want?
  • Do you have any underlying health problems?
  • What process for teeth whitening makes the most sense for your schedule and household situation?

Why professional whitening is better than over-the-counter whitening kits

Do-it-yourself (DIY) teeth whitening products remain popular in Australia despite the growing risks associated with them. They are easy to buy and tend to cost less than professional treatments. However, DIY kits don't compare to whitening treatments offered by your dentist.

Here are just some of the reasons why professional whitening is better than DIY whitening kits:

  • Safety: Whitening your teeth under the supervision of a trained dentist is much safer than trying to use whitening products on your own.
  • Improved Results: In-practice whitening and kits provided by a dentist tend to produce more noticeable and desirable results.
  • Personalised Support: If you have questions or concerns, you can easily contact your dentist for personalised help and support.
  • Better Oral Health: With a dentist examining your teeth and monitoring your smile, you may discover other dental issues that need attention.

Additionally, it is important to recognise that some over-the-counter whitening kits may do more harm than good. Some contain harsh bleaching chemicals that could damage your dental enamel and cause your teeth to become overly sensitive. The safest and most effective path to teeth whitening is to schedule a consultation with your dentist.

What you should do if you are interested in teeth whitening

Dental whitening can make a massive difference for a person with discoloured teeth. If you are tired of having dull, yellow teeth, then contact us and one of our skilled dental professionals will talk to you about our teeth whitening packages, or schedule a consultation if you would like to confirm whether you are a good candidate for our whitening services. We look forward to helping you transform your teeth from dull to bright and beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safe and effective teeth whitening is typically performed within the practice of a trained cosmetic dentist. You can expect to be comfortably seated in a dental chair for approximately one hour. Multiple visits could be required depending on your degree of staining and type of whitening procedure undertaken. If you decide to use an at-home whitening kit, you can apply your whitening gel from the comfort of your own home. It is important to remember that you will not have immediate access to professional care if you experience a problem during your at-home whitening treatment. For this reason, it is important to follow instructions exactly as advised and contact your dentist immediately if you have a reaction.
The path to a whiter, brighter smile begins with an understanding of the many factors that can lead to stained teeth. Here is a look at some of the factors that can teeth discolouration: • Age: Enamel tends to become thinner as people age, making older people more susceptible to stained teeth • Poor Oral Hygiene: If you fail to brush your teeth regularly and visit your dentist, your teeth can develop a dull appearance • Smoking: Smoking or prolonged nicotine use can cause your teeth to turn yellow • Diet: Regularly consuming coffee, red wine, curry, and berries can cause teeth to stain over time • Health Conditions: Certain illnesses and health conditions can lead to tooth discoloration • Medications: Some antibiotics, chemotherapy, and certain blood pressure medicines can cause your teeth to lose their lustre.
Absolutely. If you have your teeth whitened by a trained dental professional, you will have peace of mind knowing that your oral health will be protected. Here are some of the benefits of having your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist: • An oral examination: Before applying a treatment, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums to confirm you are a suitable candidate • Dental supervision: In-practice whitening treatments are always supervised by one or more members of your trained dental treatment team • Accuracy: When whitening treatments and trays are applied by trained professionals, errors or spotty results rarely occur

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