Be Friends With Your Benefits: Book in the Family and Take Advantage of Your Dental Extras

Published on September 13, 2021
be friends with your benefits
Did you know that many private health funds reset on December 31st? If you have family health insurance, now’s the time to check in on your dental benefits and book an appointment, so you can make the most of your extras before they reset.

From getting the kids booked in for their six-monthly check-up and clean to getting started with a teeth-straightening treatment such as Invisalign®, becoming friends with your benefits will ensure your family goes into 2022 with happy, healthy smiles!

What dental benefits could my family be eligible for?

Every health fund is different, so it’s important to check the details of your policy to see what dental extras are included. These services can range from general dental to major treatments, as well as rebates for certain cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening.

What’s more, most policies include a twice-yearly check-up and clean with no gap, meaning you don’t pay anything for this service. Check the details of your plan to identify exactly what you’re covered for, so you can ensure your family makes the most of any included dental extras.

Don’t miss out on your free check-up and clean

As mentioned above, many private health funds include two dental check-up and clean appointments per year for each included family member - so if it’s been more than six months since your last check-up, be sure to book in before December 31st.

A check-up and clean is an important way to identify any potential oral health issues which may require treatment, as well as providing a thorough clean of your teeth and mouth. You can also chat to your dentist about any concerns with your own or your children’s dental health, and create a treatment plan if further work is needed.

Book in now for the school holidays

With the school holidays approaching, why not book the kids in for their dental appointments so you don’t have to work around the school day?

Whether it’s time for their check-up and clean or they’re due for some dental work, a school holiday appointment will ensure you can take advantage of your dental benefits before the December 31st deadline.

You can find your local dental practice here and book an appointment online.

How to make the most of your dental benefits

Not sure how to take advantage of your dental benefits? Here’s our quick guide to checking in and making the most of your extras:

1. Check your reset date

Firstly, check with your health fund to find out when your benefits reset. Most health funds reset by calendar year - meaning you have until December 31st - but some are based on the financial year or the anniversary of your policy.

2. Find out what benefits are included

Different policies will cover different dental services, ranging from general dental to major dental, and in some cases, popular cosmetic procedures such as Invisalign®. You and your family could be covered for dental treatments you weren’t even aware of, so be sure to check your health fund for full details of your benefits.

3. Book in with your dentist

Once you’re clear on your benefits, book an appointment with your local National Dental Care or DB Dental practice before your health fund resets, so you can make the most of your extras and go into the year ahead with a beautiful healthy smile.

Don’t miss out on your dental benefits! To make an appointment at your local practice, book online today.

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