What is a gum lift? - National Dental Care

A gum lift, or gingivectomy, is a cosmetic dental procedure which trims your gumline to show off your teeth. When gums are not in proportion with your teeth, or not symmetrical, it can affect the look of your smile. Instead of showing off your teeth, you can be showing off more gum than you’d prefer.

Gum surgery is a simple way to make your gumline more aesthetically pleasing. It can be done as a single procedure, or with other cosmetic treatments.

Does gum surgery hurt?

A gum lift is fairly painless and is a quick procedure. The treatment is usually only done on the gum area of your front teeth, which shows when you smile. This area is reshaped using a special soft-tissue laser. As it cuts, it automatically seals off the blood vessels to minimise bleeding – no stitches are needed.

If you have any pain straight after the surgery you can take a paracetamol or aspirin but you probably won’t need to.

You can usually eat and drink within 24 hours of having it done. In about a week your gums will be healed and you can enjoy your new smile.

If you’ve also had any other cosmetic work done it can take you a little longer to heal. Your National Dental Care specialist will explain how to look after your gums afterwards.


How do you care for your gum lift?

After your gum-lift treatment, your National Dental Care practitioner will explain how to care for the area while it’s healing. If you’re not clear about the instructions, ask questions before you leave. Your dentist wants you to be confident in keeping the area clean and healthy. This will stop any infection or further gum recession, too.

If you have any questions about a gum lift, contact your National Dental Care professional for more information. You can book online today.

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