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Ceramic Restoration (CEREC) is usedĀ for same day, emergency teeth repair.

Are you unhappy with how your teeth look in the mirror? We offer plenty of restorative options to replace missing, broken, worn, or discoloured teeth, including prosthetic devices that may be able to correct your smile. Sometimes, we can also cover problem spots with fillings or veneers instead of covering a whole tooth with a prosthetic. When consulting your dentist for same-day crowns, they may recommend that you get another prosthetic solution instead, such as a bridge or dental implant.

What is a Same-Day Smile?

A crown serves as a cap over a worn-down or damaged tooth. It is made out of ceramic, compared to traditional crowns which may be made out of porcelain fused to metal, gold, or metal alloy. We can create a custom, natural-looking crown to cover your existing tooth so that it mimics a healthy one. It's all achievable in the same day because our ceramic manufacturing technology allows us to create a ceramic tooth right here in the practice. We take the time to ensure each crown has the optimal fit in your mouth and provides lasting comfort.

Why patients get a same-day crown

There is a lot of time saved when you choose the same day crown procedure. You don't have to wait weeks, for example, for a lab to create your manufactured tooth. Here are some common reasons that our valued patients need a crown:

  • A single tooth is already significantly damaged, and it might already have fillings on multiple surfaces. 
  • The tooth is cracked.
  • There is a dental implant that needs a cap.
  • Your damaged tooth has already been hollowed out during a root canal procedure.
  • A patient wants to cosmetically improve a tooth due to its unappealing shape, height, or colour.
  • A tooth does not match the other healthy-looking teeth in the patient's mouth.
  • There is not enough healthy tooth left along the base for the dentist to make a filling.

How the same-day crown appointment works

A traditional crown usually involves the dentist taking an impression of your tooth using a putty-like substance and sending it to the lab. This process can take days or even weeks and involves the patient coming back to the practice for a follow-up appointment to install the crowns. 

With same-day crowns, the procedure often requires less drilling on the affected tooth and you walk out of the office with the end result on the same day. Best of all, you will not have to come back for a follow-up appointment unless there is a problem with the ceramic crown. Your dental insurance will usually pay for part of a crown, depending on your level of cover. 

With CAD/CAM technology, a patient can get a same-day crown or chairside crown involving the following steps:  

  • The dentist will use a camera to produce a three-dimensional (3D) model of the tooth. This means you skip the step of having an impression made.        
  • Cutting-edge computer software helps the dentist develop a 3D design, manufacturing a crown that will precisely fit your tooth.  
  • The dentist may make adjustments to the crown design, addressing the fissures, pits, ridges, and indentations that are apparent on your teeth. 
  • We use an on-site milling machine to create a ceramic prosthetic, which the dentist will cement to your existing tooth. 

Are there any potential complications?

As with any dental procedure, there are risks associated with getting a same-day crown. There is a chance the nerve of the tooth can become sensitive from the drilling and this usually settles with time, but in rare cases, it may result in the nerve having to be removed from the tooth. Additionally, any crown can get damaged, cracked, or lost over time.

Our dedicated dentists welcome the opportunity to provide each patient with a full dental evaluation and to indicate whether a crown is needed for each damaged tooth. For more information, please contact us about our same-day dental restoration service.

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