The diagnocam is an alternative imaging method to x-rays and is part of the latest technology in dental imagery. It can take scans of your teeth using a laser beam. This sophisticated dental technology allows our dentists to take in-depth images of your mouth without using x-rays.

How does a Diagnocam work?

Using a pain-free laser, the diagnocam projects images of your teeth onto the screen, giving you and your dentist a guided visual tour of your mouth.

Early detection

This diagnostic tool allows the dentist to detect any cavity hotspots or early decay underneath existing fillings and not visible to the naked eye. This allows us to work smarter to avoid any future problem areas. This method is very useful in intercepting problems before they become too complex.

At National Dental Care, prevention is our priority, and technology like the diagnocam helps us keep your mouth healthier. For more information on this, please contact your local National Dental Care practice.



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