Custom Mouthguards

Protect your jaw, and teeth while you sleep or play sports.

Knocked out, loosened or damaged teeth are a common occurrence when playing contact sports, resulting in long visits to the dentist and often a lifetime of treatment for the affected tooth. Worse, in some cases, missing teeth may need to be replaced with dental implants or dentures. A well-fitted, custom made mouthguard can protect your teeth and jaw by limiting the impact from contact and reducing the risk of damage to your teeth.

The benefits of a custom-fitted mouthguard

The cost of a mouthguard fitted by a dentist is good insurance against the possible costs of reconstructive surgery or emergency dental work from a sports accident. Custom-fitted mouthguards can have up to two layers of vinyl material that fit snugly around your teeth, no matter how crowded they are.

They ensure you can breathe properly, absorb any shock of impact to your teeth and jaws, and are retained well in your mouth. Custom-fitted mouthguards are more durable than over-the-counter options, plus you can customise them even further with your team colours, name-tags, or pictures.

Can custom-fitted mouthguards help with snoring?

Does snoring keep you up at night? If snoring means you or your partner are tired and falling asleep during the day, you should first check with your general practitioner in case obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is the cause.

It's important to get a diagnosis as OSA can be dangerous and lead to accidents due to lack of sleep. It can also affect the partner whose sleep is regularly disrupted. If it's not severe, your National Dental Care dentist may suggest a custom-fitted mouthguard that will help prevent snoring. These oral appliances are used in conjunction with other methods of treatment including weight loss, exercise, and adjusting your sleeping position.

Frequently Asked Questions

No mouth is the same. While store-bought mouthguards are generally cheaper and are instantly available, they are rarely a perfect fit, can dislodge easily, and may not offer the best protection from impact on your teeth and jaw. Because they're only in one size, they're usually bulkier which can make it harder to breathe, cause muscle soreness from grinding, and can actually do more damage than good.
Mouthguards are great for protecting teeth on the sports field, but they're also important in treating other problems including teeth-grinding and snoring. Your dentist can treat these issues with custom-made mouthguards for your safety and comfort.
If you wake up with a sore jaw, you may be grinding your teeth in your sleep. This can happen for a variety of reasons, stress can be a major cause and it may result in serious damage to your teeth as well as your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). If you suffer from these symptoms, your dentist can diagnose the cause and provide treatment. For some people this will include a special night-time mouthguard, custom-fitted to protect your teeth.

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