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To support our mission “to provide Australians with superior dental services, underpinned by a strong culture of ongoing training and clinical improvement”, National Dental Care is seeking to partner with like-minded dentists and select high-quality dental groups as we grow our network nationally.

Why should you partner with National Dental Care?

Partnering with National Dental Care offers many benefits, including:

  • Attractive valuation for your business, designed to financial reward current performance and future growth.
  • Community of 350+ dental professionals across Australia, who work with the Clinical Advisory Committee to lead our clinical strategy.
  • Fully established support office with dedicated functional teams providing support and efficiencies that allows your practice/s to focus on patient care.
  • Comprehensive marketing solutions and state-of the-art digital platforms that funnel significant new patients nationally.
  • Leading dental group committed to remain at the forefront of investment in dental technologies, training, support systems and processes.

What is the process should you be interested in partnering?

1. Initial Discussion

We would welcome an initial discussion to introduce you to National Dental Care, address any questions you may have and gain an understanding of your business and your objectives. All discussions remain discreet and confidential.

2. Presenting an Offer

Once you are comfortable to move forward and we have some financial information, we will be in a position to present you with an offer for your business.

3. Fine Tuning & Settlement

Once you are happy with the offer, we will proceed into short due diligence period ahead of settlement. During this period, we also ensure there is adequate time to plan your transition to National Dental Care so that it is smooth for you, your staff and your patients.

4. Onboarding

Once the documents are signed and you join National Dental Care, we will work with you and your team to onboard your practice/s so that you receive the support required to grow your business and help you to meet your goals.

From the time of our first discussion through to settlement, the process can be as quick as eight to ten weeks.

Register Your Interest Now

Please either complete the confidential Practice Snapshot Form below and will be in touch shortly, contact us on (02) 9008 0301 for a confidential discussion or email your details to

Testimonials from our network


“At our practice, we aim to provide our patients with the best possible dental care combining highly trained dentists and lastest technologies. I believe our approach is very much aligned to that of NDC. I am very pleased to join NDC and not only look forward being part of their broader dental community, but also look forward to being able to dedicate my time and energy on caring for my patients and growing my practice with the support of the NDC team.”

Dr Tom Giblin

Northern Dental Group, Sydney

“Patient care is at the heart of everything we do at North Shore Dentistry. Having spent considerable time with NDC senior management to understand their vision, I was excited to join the NDC team given both their focus on patient care and clinician governance, as well as their clear understanding and appreciation of the unique characteristics of my practice. I am also looking forward to their support to enable my full-time focus on dentistry and patients.”

Dr Sasha Rutnam

North Shore Dentistry, Turramarra

“At Hugh Fleming Dentistry, we’re breaking the typical “clinical” type practice mould to offer a dental practice that patients find not only relaxing, but above all personalised and sympathetic to their individual oral dental health needs. I am very excited to join NDC given their clinical leadership and vision, and looking forward to personally contributing to their clinical strategies over the coming years.”

Dr Hugh Fleming

Hugh Fleming Dentistry, Mosman

“At Apple Dental, we always strive to achieve exceptional results no matter the treatment provided, and share NDC’s strong belief that new dental technologies can make a profound difference to better patient outcomes. I am very pleased to join the NDC team. In my view, NDC is unique amongst dental corporates given their focus on patient care, commitment to dental training and their ongoing investment in their similarly well-equipped family-focused practices, which are the future for the dental industry.”

Dr Mark Casiglia

Apple Dental, Lane Cove

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