Worried About the Cost of Dental Treatment? Here's How We Can Help

Published on August 13, 2021
Worried About the Cost of Dental Treatment? Here's How We Can Help

Worried About the Cost of Dental Treatment? Here's How We Can Help.

After a tumultuous year of pandemic disruptions and lockdowns, many of us are watching our dollars more carefully and trying to cut back on spending where we can. At National Dental Care Group, we know that the cost of dental treatment can sometimes be an area of concern, particularly when it’s due to an emergency or an unexpected situation.

To make it as simple as possible for our patients to receive the care and treatment they need, there are a number of ways we can help you budget for your dental work and minimise any financial stress.

Read on to learn about how our National Dental Care and DB Dental practices are committed to making dental procedures accessible and affordable for everyone.

Spread the cost with a payment plan

Whether for a small or large procedure, payment plans can be a great way to get the treatment you need immediately and pay off the cost in manageable instalments over time.

We offer two payment plan options for our patients - Afterpay and Smilefund (exclusive to National Dental Care Group).

Enjoy an affordable smile with Smilefund

Smilefund is our easy, interest-free payment plan for dental treatments that are unexpected or unbudgeted, not covered by your health fund, or that you need to pay off over time.

Available for treatments from $800 to $20,000, Smilefund is a convenient way to go ahead with the dental work you require without having to wait. You’ll simply need to pay a 20% deposit and can pay the remaining balance in interest-free instalments over a period of up to 24 months.

Click here to learn more about managing the cost of your dental treatment with Smilefund.

Treat now, pay later with Afterpay

You may already use Afterpay for your online shopping - and now, you can use it to spread out the cost of your dental treatment! Afterpay allows you to receive your dental treatment on the day and split the payment into four interest-free instalments, paid fortnightly (starting on the day of your treatment).

Afterpay is available for treatments up to $1500 and is 100% interest-free when you pay on time (the only fees are for late payments). It’s also fast and simple to get started, with approval provided within seconds.

Click here to learn more about using Afterpay at your National Dental Care or DB Dental practice.

Create a treatment plan with your dentist

If you require extensive dental work, you might be worried about the prospect of having to get it all done in one go (both for financial reasons as well as those repeated visits to the dentist’s chair!).

However, in many cases, we can spread your treatment out over a suitable time period to make it more convenient and manageable. Your dentist will be happy to discuss the options with you and develop a treatment plan that fits around your financial situation, work commitments and lifestyle.

Maximise your dental benefits

If you’ve got a private health fund, you may have dental extras included as part of your plan. If so, be sure to check your policy for what’s covered, as well as when your policy ends.

To maximise any available benefits, you’ll want to book in before your health fund resets so you can make the most of your extras. Call your health fund provider or check the fine print of your policy - while some policies expire at the end of June, others are based on the calendar year and will reset at the end of December.

Most private health funds will include a no-gap check-up and clean twice a year, and some even cover you for certain cosmetic dental procedures. Check your details and you may find you’re eligible for more than you realised!

If you’re concerned about the cost of dental treatment or would like to discuss payment options, you can speak to our friendly staff. Find your local practice and see how we can help.

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