What is a Gum Lift?

Published on January 06, 2021
What is a Gum Lift?

What is a Gum Lift?

When your gums aren’t in correct proportion with your teeth - or aren’t symmetrical - it can affect the look of your smile and result in more of the gum being visible.

A gum lift - or gingivectomy - is a cosmetic dental procedure which trims your gum line to increase the visibility of your teeth and minimise the appearance of gums when you smile.

Gum lift surgery is a simple way to make your gum line more aesthetically pleasing, resulting in a more even smile. A gum lift can be performed as a single procedure, or undertaken in conjunction with other cosmetic dental treatments.

Why do some people’s gums show when they smile?

A ‘gummy’ smile can be due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • Teeth not coming through properly and having more gum tissue covering
  • Smaller-than-average teeth causing more of the gum to be visible
  • A short upper lip, resulting in more visible gum tissue when you smile

The underlying cause of a gummy smile is often genetic, but whatever the reason your National Dental Care Group practitioner will be able to advise on the best course of treatment to balance your gum line with your teeth.

Is gum surgery painful?

If you’re considering a gum lift, the good news is that this procedure is both quick and generally not painful.

The treatment is usually only performed on the gum area of your front teeth, which is the area that shows when you smile. This area is reshaped using a special soft-tissue laser which automatically seals off blood vessels to minimise bleeding and requires no stitches.

If you do experience any pain immediately after surgery, this can usually be remedied with paracetamol or aspirin. You’ll be able to eat and drink as normal within 24 hours of your surgery.

It will generally take around a week for your gums to heal and you’ll then be all set to show off your new smile. If you’ve had other cosmetic work done at the same time as your gum lift, it may take a little longer to heal - your dentist will provide you with more information on healing times.

What aftercare is needed for a gum lift?

After your gum lift surgery, your dentist will explain how to care for the area while it’s healing. It’s important to keep the area as clean as possible to prevent the development of an infection or any further gum recession.

If you’d like more information on how a gum lift can help address a gummy smile and leave you smiling with confidence, contact your local National Dental Care Group practice. You can book an appointment online today.

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