The Truth About Dentures: Busting False Facts About False Teeth!

Published on August 09, 2021
The Truth About Dentures: Busting False Facts About False Teeth!

The Truth About Dentures: Busting False Facts About False Teeth!

Offering a natural-looking replacement for missing teeth, dentures can help you get back to enjoying life by allowing you to eat and speak with ease, as well as enhancing your appearance by filling the gaps in your smile.

Despite being a common treatment option for many people, there are a lot of myths going around about dentures. To help you know the truth and understand the benefits dentures can offer, we’re taking aim at some common denture myths.

Myth 1: Dentures are only for old people

While you may associate dentures with your grandparents, they’re not just for the over 70s. As an effective and convenient way to replace missing teeth, dentures can be a recommended treatment option for people of any age, such as for those who’ve lost all or most of their natural teeth or have had to have a number of teeth removed.

Myth 2: Dentures are painful

Although it’s normal to experience a little irritation at the very beginning, this will clear up once your mouth has become accustomed to your dentures - as your dentures are custom-fitted, they’re designed to form the best fit for your mouth shape and size. You can also have your dentures adjusted if needed, such as while you’re recovering from oral surgery.

Myth 3: It takes weeks to get dentures

It’s true that conventional dentures typically take between two and three weeks to manufacture - however, immediate dentures can be made and inserted on the same day your remaining teeth are extracted. Immediate dentures are designed to be worn while your mouth is healing, while conventional dentures are worn after the gums have healed.

Myth 4: Dentures aren’t covered by health insurance

In fact, some health insurance providers will assist with the cost of dentures, which can be extremely beneficial should you require this service. Be sure to check your policy details, as some health fund providers classify denture treatment as cosmetic dentistry and don’t include it in their cover.

Myth 5: I can clean my dentures with regular toothpaste

Normal toothpaste is made specifically for real teeth - and the ingredients it contains can actually damage your dentures. Other substances that may harm your dentures include bleach, vinegar and soap. We recommend you hand-wash your dentures every night using dishwashing liquid and a soft brush, and soak them overnight in a water-based cleaning solution.

Myth 6: Dentures are the only way to replace missing teeth

While dentures are a fantastic option for replacing missing teeth, there are a number of other treatments that can help you restore your smile. These treatment options include dental bridges and dental implants, both of which aren’t removable and are permanent if properly cared for.

For information and advice on dentures and other treatment options for missing teeth, make an appointment with your local National Dental Care Group or DB Dental practice dentist today.

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