Teeth Tips | The Best Toothbrush for Children

Published on October 25, 2020
Teeth Tips | The Best Toothbrush for Children

If you’ve ever been shopping for a children’s toothbrush, you’ll know there are a vast array of options available, which can make it very tricky to know which one is best to buy for your child. In this article, we’re taking the confusion out of buying a children’s toothbrush, so you can ensure your little ones are taking good care of their oral health.

Children’s Toothbrush Basics

While each child will have slightly different toothbrush needs depending on their teeth, there are a few simple considerations for making brushing time easier.

For starters, a children’s toothbrush should be easy to hold and fit comfortably in their mouth. And while it won’t make a difference to their teeth, younger children tend to like brightly-coloured toothbrushes or ones that feature their favourite cartoon characters, so selecting a brush like this may help to make tooth brushing more exciting.

Is a hard or soft toothbrush better for children?

Children should use a toothbrush with soft bristles rather than hard ones. Soft bristles will still provide a thorough clean, but will be gentler on gums, preventing wear and tear on sensitive areas as children’s teeth develop.

Should children use an electric toothbrush?

While electric toothbrushes generally remove more plaque compared to manual toothbrushes, it’s fine for children to use a manual toothbrush. As these tend to offer a wider variety of styles and colours, going with a manual option is likely to make it easier to find a toothbrush your child will love.

Different toothbrushes for different ages

For babies and toddlers who are unable to brush their teeth on their own, a brightly-coloured manual toothbrush that provides visual stimulation will help to keep them interested and happy. As your children get a little older, brushing becomes an independent routine that they can take control of themselves. When they reach this stage, allowing them to choose a toothbrush that they like can keep toothbrushing time fun and engaging.

Later on, an electric toothbrush can provide a new form of toothbrushing entertainment, with its vibrations and new sensations offering a different type of brushing experience.

Setting a good oral hygiene routine

Teaching your children, the importance of maintaining regular oral hygiene practices by brushing teeth twice a day and flossing once a day is crucial for ensuring they continue taking care of their teeth as they grow.

By making tooth brushing fun with an exciting children’s toothbrush that’s right for their needs, you can help keep kids interested in their oral health.

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