Start the School Year With a Smile

Published on January 11, 2021
Start the School Year With a Smile

Start the School Year With a Smile

As the school holidays come to an end and you get ready for the new school term, it’s a good time to consider how to keep your little ones’ oral health in the best condition as they head back to the classroom.

To make it simple for you to keep your children’s teeth strong, healthy and protected, we’ve put together some simple oral health tips that will ensure they score top marks in the dental department.

Create a solid oral hygiene routine

Making good oral health a part of your kids’ daily routine is the first step in encouraging them to keep up with their dental health throughout their lives. The earlier you get your children into the habit of a good oral hygiene practice, the more likely it will be that they’ll stick to it.

Teach kids the importance of a solid oral health routine and avoid letting them skip their toothbrushing, even on the busiest of mornings. Brushing and flossing with your children is a great way to set a good example and make this practice an everyday family routine.

Bring some fun to toothbrushing time

As you know, your kids are much more likely to do an activity if it’s interesting, fun and exciting. When it comes to brushing, this can be achieved simply by choosing a toothbrush that engages your child, such as one featuring their favourite cartoon character or bright colours.

Another simple trick is to choose a two-minute song to play while they brush their teeth - not only will this keep them interested, but it also ensures they’re brushing their teeth for the full two minutes recommended by dentists.

Pack a tooth-friendly lunchbox

With a little forward planning, you can ensure your kids are enjoying a healthy, nutritious packed lunch that’s packed with goodness for their oral health. When it comes to lunch box fillings, focus on fresh fruit and veggies that are great for both their teeth and their overall health.

Teeth-friendly food options include carrot or celery sticks with a healthy dip, fruit such as berries or chopped apple, and dairy products such as plain yoghurt or cheese. And when it comes to beverages, opt for water over sugar-filled fruit drinks.

Keep up with your child’s regular dental visits

We recommend children visit the dentist every six months for a dental check-up and clean. This can help to identify any potential oral health issues early and avoid them becoming bigger problems, as well as enabling you to chat to the dentist about your child’s oral hygiene and health.

Keeping up with these twice-yearly visits by booking appointments in advance can help ensure you stay on track with your child’s dental health, and keep their teeth and gums in the best condition as they grow.

If you need to book in an appointment before the new school term, contact your local National Dental Care Group practice - you can make an appointment online now.

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