See what SmileView™ can do for you

Published on April 12, 2021
See what SmileView™ can do for you

If you’ve been considering Invisalign® treatment to straighten your teeth, you may be wondering what you’ll actually look like with beautifully straight teeth. Well, SmileView™ has the answer! This innovative technology simulates your new smile in less than 60 seconds, so you can see what your straight teeth will look like after your Invisalign® treatment.

About SmileView™

Simulating your fabulously straight smile couldn’t be simpler - all you need to do is take a smiling selfie and SmileView™ will show you the results of your Invisalign® treatment. Discover more about SmileView™ here and check out your transformation.

As well as having a perfectly straight smile, straightening your teeth with Invisalign® can also offer a range of oral health benefits. Here are some of the advantages of having straighter teeth that are sure to put a smile on your face!

Straighter teeth improve chewing and digestion

Straighter teeth generally do a more effective job of chewing your food thoroughly compared to crooked and uneven teeth. As chewing is the starting point of the digestion process, a better chewing mechanism can help to reduce stomach issues and gut problems, as well as speeding up the digestion process.

It’s easier to keep straight teeth clean and healthy

If you have crooked, uneven teeth or large gaps between your teeth, it can be more difficult to clean them effectively. Gaps between teeth can harbour debris and food particles, resulting in the development of bacteria that can lead to gum disease. Meanwhile, misaligned or crooked teeth can make it harder to brush and floss properly due to hard-to-reach crevices.

Straightening your teeth can improve your speech

Your teeth play an important role in the way you speak, so straightening your teeth may help to improve your speech. If your teeth are crowded or misaligned, this can impact your speaking patterns and have a negative effect on your speech, making it more difficult to talk clearly.

You may notice a reduction in lower neck and head pain

In some cases, crooked or uneven teeth may contribute to jaw misalignment, placing additional stress on your joints, jaw bone or gums. This can result in chronic pain in your neck, face or head. By straightening your teeth, you can potentially reduce the pressure on your temporomandibular joints, allowing them to move smoothly.

A beautifully straight smile can boost your self-confidence

If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about your teeth, you’ll know that this can have a major impact on your confidence - and even cause you to smile less. By straightening your teeth with Invisalign®, you can enjoy the confidence you deserve, with a perfectly straight smile you’ll love to show off.

Remember, SmileView™ is only the first step in getting started on your Invisalign journey. For more information and to discuss your suitability for Invisalign® treatment, Book a Consultation with your National Dental Care Group practitioner.

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