On Guard! Protect Your Sporting Smile With a Custom Mouthguard

Published on March 01, 2021
On Guard! Protect Your Sporting Smile With a Custom Mouthguard

On Guard! Protect Your Sporting Smile With a Custom Mouthguard

While you may be aiming for a “knockout” performance when playing sport, you don’t want those words applied to your teeth! A custom-fitted mouthguard is a fantastic way to protect your teeth (or your children’s teeth) against the dangers of contact sport, which can commonly lead to teeth becoming knocked out, loosened or damaged.

If you’re wondering whether to choose a custom mouthguard or a store-bought option, check out our handy guide to custom-fitted mouthguards and discover the difference they can make to protecting your smile.

Why should I wear a mouthguard when playing sport?

Contact sports have a higher risk of impact on the face and body. If teeth are unprotected, this impact can lead to significant damage, potentially resulting in lengthy visits to the dentist and ongoing treatment.

Reconstructive surgery or emergency dental work due to a sporting injury can be very costly, so having an effective, well-fitting mouthguard is an important way of safeguarding your teeth against sporting disasters.

Store-bought mouthguards vs. custom-fitted mouthguards: Which is best?

While store-bought mouthguards are generally cheaper and can be purchased instantly, it’s important to be aware of the differences between one-size mouthguards and a custom-fitted option from your dentist.

Here are some of the benefits offered by a professional, custom-fitted mouthguard for sports:

A perfect fit for your mouth

As everyone’s mouth is different, ready-made mouthguards bought in a store are unlikely to provide an ideal fit. This means they can easily become dislodged, reducing their effectiveness, as well as being bulkier and less comfortable. Meanwhile, a custom-fitted mouthguard is created to perfectly fit your own mouth and teeth for a comfortable, snug fit.

Custom-made means better protection

Custom-fitted mouthguards are designed to fit your specific mouth and teeth, in order to ensure they have the best protection. Custom-made mouthguards can have up to two layers of vinyl material to protect the teeth and will generally do a better job of absorbing any impact to your teeth and jaws compared to store-bought mouthguards.

Custom-fitted mouthguards are more comfortable

As custom-fitted mouthguards are designed for your mouth, they are more comfortable to wear than one-size, store-bought mouthguards, which can cause muscle soreness from grinding and actually do more harm than good. A custom mouthguard is made to fit snugly and comfortably around your teeth, offering greater comfort and protection.

Breathe easily in a custom-fitted mouthguard

When you’re running around on the field, you don’t want a bulky, ill-fitting mouthguard impacting your breathing, Unlike store-bought mouthguards which can often be difficult to breathe in, custom-fitted mouthguards are designed to make breathing easy due to their comfortable fit.

Custom-made mouthguards are more durable

Although store-bought mouthguards are often cheaper than professionally-made custom mouthguards, the latter has the benefit of being more durable and hard-wearing, meaning your custom-fitted mouthguard will last longer and be a better investment over time.

Show your support with a customised mouthguard

Who says all mouthguards have to look the same? At our practices that offer custom-fitted mouthguards, you can further customise your mouthguard with your team colours, name-tags or pictures - allowing you to show off your team pride every time you smile!

Are mouthguards only for sports?

While mouthguards are a great way of protecting your teeth while playing sports, they can also be highly effective in treating other oral health concerns, including teeth-grinding and snoring. Talk to your dentist about these conditions and find out whether a custom-fitted mouthguard could help address these issues.

How much do custom-fitted mouthguards cost?

If your custom-fitted mouthguard can be made onsite, you can benefit from no-gap with an eligible health fund, or a payment of $150. If your mouthguard needs to be made off-site, the cost may be slightly higher - your dentist can advise on the cost and process for your custom mouthguard.

Please note, not every National Dental Care Group practice offers custom-fitted mouthguards - speak to your local practice to find out more.

If you or your child needs a custom-fitted mouthguard to stay protected on the sports field, contact your local National Dental Care Group practice for more information - you can book an appointment online.

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