Interview with Dr Ersan Karadeniz

Published on July 22, 2021
Dr Karadeniz

Interview with Dr Ersan Karadeniz

Dr Ersan Karadeniz recently joined National Dental Care Group and is based in Brisbane. Originally from Turkey, Dr Karadeniz has a wealth of experience in orthodontics and is passionate about helping his patients achieve a smile they’re excited to show off. We chatted to Dr Karadeniz about his path into dentistry, his focus on orthodontics, and what he enjoys most about his work as a general dentist.

Dr Karadeniz, let’s start by hearing about your background and how you got into dentistry.

I was born and raised in Turkey. My journey into dentistry began when I spent a couple of summer holidays in a dental clinic, where my cousin worked as a dentist. I quickly learnt that dentistry was about far more than just fillings, crowns or treatments - it was about the relationship you build with your patients.

Seeing my cousin’s dedication and service to her patients ignited my passion for dentistry and it was at that point I chose to make a career in dentistry my goal. I completed my clinical studies in Turkey, where I hold a specialist orthodontist registration, and since then I’ve undertaken positions as Assistant Professor and Senior Lecturer in Orthodontics in various Australian and overseas universities.

What I enjoy the most about daily practice is the interaction with patients and the amazing changes we’re able to achieve with orthodontics. At present, my focus is on evidence-based and patient-centred clinical orthodontic practices. I believe that National Dental Care Group is the perfect place to achieve my goals and I’m honoured to have joined the NDC family.

You specialise in orthodontics - what do you like about this area of dentistry and what made you choose to focus on it?

As dentists, we have the ability to make a positive difference to people’s well-being. Research has shown that in the long-term, correcting orthodontic problems such as crooked or sticking out teeth can actually lead to improvements in people’s social lives - it can boost your self- confidence, which can translate into things like better professional prospects. Working towards creating a new smile that patients are excited to show off at the end of their treatment makes me incredibly happy. Sharing this happiness with patients is what motivates me.

What’s more, every patient is different, so managing expectations and personal circumstances can be a challenge - however, it’s a challenge that inspires me to provide the best aesthetic and functional outcome possible.

As an Invisalign ® provider, what do you believe are the benefits of choosing this treatment option?

The dramatic improvements in dental technology over the last few decades have had a significant impact on orthodontic practices. Invisalign ® provides the option of correcting bite problems with the least visually noticeable aligners on the market.

In terms of promoting oral health, removable aligners facilitate easier bushing and flossing, with less plaque accumulation meaning patients are less susceptible to dental caries and periodontal disease during treatment.

Treatments like Invisalign ® also make orthodontic procedures more acceptable to adult patients, who are often more self-conscious about their appearance and therefore don’t like the idea of conventional braces.

What oral health advice would you offer to people reading this?

I encourage all patients and parents to make a point of visiting their dentist regularly. Our job is to identify any dental problems you may have at an early stage, so we can address them sooner rather than later.

In addition, if you’re not happy with your smile, there are multiple options to help improve your teeth with treatments such as Invisalign ® or braces. Our team is always happy to help, so reach out to your local dental practitioner for advice.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I would describe myself as a family man and I really enjoy spending time with my family. We’ve recently moved to Brisbane, so we’re currently exploring new places and experimenting with new culinary experiences (as much as lockdown allows us to!). And when it comes to sport, I’m a passionate supporter of Trabzonspor, which is the local football team in my hometown of Trabzon.

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