Friendly, Family-Based and Fun! Dental Practices

Published on November 16, 2021
Friendly, Family-Based and Fun! Dental Practices

Discover the National Dental Care Difference

At National Dental Care, we pride ourselves on our friendly, positive and supportive dental practices - and we don’t just mean for our patients! With a strong team focus and collaborative approach, you’ll feel right at home working in one of our warm and welcoming practices.

Whether you’re networking with dental industry professionals or enjoying a fabulous morning tea with your team, working with us means you’ll be connected, supported, and part of a community that genuinely cares.

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Staying true to our family-based culture

Starting with just four practices in 2013, we’ve undergone significant expansion and now operate over 60 practices nationwide, including the acquisition of Western Australia-based DB Dental. Yet despite our growth to become one of the largest providers of dental services in Australia, we’ve held onto our fun, family-based culture that puts the team first.

This means creating practice environments where you feel supported, valued and cared for. Plus, with a huge support network of over 1000 dental professionals, you can access expert advice whenever you need it.

We think achievements should be celebrated

From congratulating a staff member for their years of service to marking the expansion of a dental practice, you’ll quickly discover that our team loves to get together and celebrate achievements of all kinds.

These social events are a fantastic way to connect with your colleagues, have a chat over a cuppa or a glass of wine, and feel proud of what you and your team have achieved.

Providing opportunities for everyone

At National Dental Care, we’re dedicated to upholding our company values of Trust, Excellence, Experience, Teamwork and Honesty in all we do.

This means we value diversity and are proud to be an equal opportunity company. What’s more, ‘work-life balance’ isn’t just something we talk about - it’s something we strive to deliver to every staff member and independent dental professional, with a range of flexible working opportunities.

“When I am at the practices, I love being with our people. Each practice is so different and unique, and we are always working towards new and exciting goals.”

Starley Marshall
Practice Development Manager (NSW/QLD)

Going that extra mile

When it comes to giving back to independent dental providers, we believe in going the extra mile, offering competitive commissions and a range of attractive benefits.

Some of the advantages that come with the National Dental Care Group include:

  • Leisure benefits: Magazines, Florists, Software
  • Travel benefits: Airlines, Accommodation, Holiday Booking
  • Health benefits: Gym membership, Health Insurance

Work, but make it fun!

We believe in going above and beyond to ensure the team get to work in a place where they feel happy, supported, relaxed and positive. And this means balancing our professional ethos with a culture that’s upbeat, friendly and fun.

Discover the difference of working in a National Dental Care or DB Dental practice, and join a community that values connection, collaboration, and supporting each other to be the best we can be. For current opportunities, click here.

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