Does Invisalign Make You Look Younger?

Published on November 10, 2021
Does Invisalign Make You Look Younger?

Does Invisalign Make You Look Younger?

A teeth straightening treatment like Invisalign® can be a fantastic way to enhance your smile by giving you beautifully straight and even teeth. But what if the aesthetic benefits of Invisalign® could go beyond just your mouth - and actually make you look younger?

It may sound too good to be true, but Invisalign® has been shown to combat facial ageing and reduce the appearance of skin sagging. In fact, a recent study revealed that clear aligners led to “significant improvements” in facial aesthetics in both younger and older patients.

Read on to discover why Invisalign® is the facelift of dental treatments!

How changes in our teeth make us look older

Facial ageing is an inevitable part of getting older. As we age, our skin’s collagen levels reduce, leading to a loss of firmness, plumpness, and elasticity. And it’s not just our skin that loses volume - our teeth and bones do too.

As our cheeks and lips are supported by the teeth and jaw, this loss in volume results in less support to the soft tissue of the face, leading to drooping and gradual facial collapse.

What’s more, our teeth actually move position as we get older. This slow movement inward is what creates the appearance of a more narrow smile associated with ageing.

How can Invisalign® treatment reduce the signs of facial ageing?

Invisalign® aligners can sometimes be used to move the teeth outward, creating a broader smile. In addition, Invisalign can correct teeth that are tipped too far forward or back - in doing so, this creates the appearance of teeth that are a more optimal height, which will result in a younger-looking visage.

By widening narrow smiles and causing teeth to fill the mouth more evenly, Invisalign® treatment can help to transform facial features with a broader smile, as well as reducing the sagging effect on cheeks and lips.

How does Invisalign® work?

Invisalign® is a set of clear, custom-moulded aligners that gradually move your teeth into their ideal position. The aligners are designed using 3D computer imaging that allows your dentist to map out how your teeth will be moved into alignment.

Every few weeks, your aligners will be replaced with a new set to match the movement of your teeth.

What are the benefits of Invisalign® treatment?

The benefits of Invisalign® treatment include the following:

● The aligners are clear, making them virtually invisible

● Invisalign® is comfortable to wear

● You can easily remove your aligners, e.g. to eat and drink

● Invisalign® generally works faster than traditional braces

Plus, as you now know, there’s the added benefit of Invisalign® making you look younger by reducing facial ageing - which is a great bonus of this fantastic treatment!

To find out whether you’re eligible for Invisalign®, as well as what the treatment process involves, talk to your local National Dental Care or DB Dental dentist - to make an appointment, book online today.

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