An Interview with Dr Jainy Shah | National Dental Care, Nailsworth

Published on August 10, 2020
An Interview with Dr Jainy Shah | National Dental Care, Nailsworth

Meet Dr Jainy Shah

Dentist at National Dental Care, Nailsworth, South Australia

Originally from Mumbai, Dr Jainy Shah has been working in National Dental Care (NDC) practices in Adelaide since March 2020. We spoke to Jainy about her path into dentistry, her reason for choosing the profession, and what qualities she’s hoping to bring to her role in Nailsworth.

Jainy, you grew up in Mumbai, India and are now working in Adelaide. Tell us a bit about how you got into dentistry in the first place.

Funnily enough, becoming a dentist wasn’t what I originally had in mind as a career. My initial plan was to become a doctor, but after getting accepted into a dentistry course at university, I decided it could be a good career path - particularly with the flexibility it offers, which is important to me as a woman.

After graduating in 2011, I worked in private practice in Mumbai for almost eight years. During this time I gained valuable hands-on experience and had the opportunity to do a lot ofaesthetic dentistry work. The dentist I worked with also ran courses all over India, which gave me access to some fantastic learning experiences too.

My husband lives in Adelaide, so I moved here after getting married in 2018 and only recently started working at the Nailsworth practice.

What is it that you most enjoy about working as a dentist?

When I first started learning about dentistry I was fascinated by just how much is involved when it comes to our teeth and gums. It’s also a very artistic, technique-specific field - there’s a lot of creativity and skill in the work we do, which appeals to me.

I also love the challenge that comes from the fact that every single patient is different. No two people’s teeth are exactly the same, and I find this variety makes the work exciting. I’d get bored if it was the same routine every day!

You joined the Nailsworth practice earlier this year. What attracted you to this particular dental practice?

I’d heard great feedback about National Dental Care from colleagues, and also about this practice. The people at NDC were so welcoming when I met them and I found my team to be very hardworking.

I feel that, as an organisation, National Dental Care strives for the best, so there’s a great attitude to be found in the practice - it’s a really positive environment.

What kind of qualities do you hope to bring to your role within the Nailsworth practice?

In terms of dentistry, my focus is always on trying to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. I often say it’s very hard to replicate what nature has given us, so maintaining what’s there is my priority.

I’m also a proponent of trying something new and different - I like to explore all the options to decide what will work best for the patient in question.

And aside from the technical part of the job, I believe I’m a good listener, which is important when dealing with people. I listen to what my patients want and always try to work around that to ensure they’re satisfied and comfortable.

What can we find you doing when you’re not working?

In my spare time, I play badminton with my husband and friends, and also enjoy going hiking. Of course, we’ve got some amazing beaches within easy reach here in South Australia, so there’s really no better place to be in the summer! I enjoy cooking too, particularly Indian food which I miss from back home.

Finally, what’s your number one oral hygiene tip to share with our readers?

Floss, floss, floss! It’s such a simple step, but it really makes a difference - and you can always tell the regular flossers from the patients who don’t floss. I’d definitely recommend adding this to your daily oral hygiene routine.

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