A Guide to Same-Day, Emergency Dental Appointments

Published on November 25, 2020
A Guide to Same-Day, Emergency Dental Appointments

If you experience a dental emergency, you may need to arrange an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible - generally on the same day.

The good news is, National Dental Care Group / DB Dental offers same-day Emergency Dental care during regular business hours. Here’s what to do if you’ve suffered a dental emergency and need to make a same-day appointment at one of our practices.

1. Know What’s Classed As A Dental Emergency

Here are some of the emergency dental care services that we can provide same-day appointments for:

  • Toothache
  • Chipped or broken tooth that is irritating the tongue or is unsightly
  • Lost filling that is irritating the tongue or is unsightly
  • Knocked-out or loose adult tooth

It’s important to note that some dental emergencies may require a visit to the hospital before you seek dental assistance - these include:

  • Broken jaw
  • Severely lacerated cheek, lip, or tongue

2. Call Your Local National Dental Care Group / DB Dental Practice

If you have a dental emergency requiring same-day treatment, call ahead to your local practice immediately. Our staff members will discuss the situation with you and advise you on the best course of action to get your dental emergency sorted as soon as possible.

You can find your local National Dental Care Group practice Here.

3. Check Our Advice On How To Deal with Dental Emergencies Before Your Visit

Being aware of what to do if you or a loved one experiences a dental emergency can help to minimise the chance of complications and ensure the dentist will be able to solve the issue successfully.

We’ve provided details of how to deal with dental emergencies before your appointment, including for issues such as chipped or broken teeth, lost fillings or crowns, or a bitten cheek, lip or tongue.

Check out our guide to dealing with Dental Emergencies.

4. Understand That You May Require A Follow-Up Visit

Depending on the nature of your dental emergency, you may not receive treatment on the day. If this is the case, your dentist will provide you with a longer-term treatment plan and arrange follow-up appointments to resolve the issue.

If you’re in pain due to your dental emergency, the dentist will provide urgent pain relief treatment should this be required to make you more comfortable.

5. Find out if you’re eligible for a payment plan

If you’re concerned about the cost of your emergency dental treatment, you may be able to use a payment plan, which will enable you to receive treatment immediately and split the amount into instalments.

Afterpay is available for treatments of up to $1500. This allows you to have dental treatment on the day and split the payment into four equal instalments over an 8-week period.

SmileFund is an interest-free payment plan for unexpected or unbudgeted dental treatments costing over $800. You can arrange a payment plan of up to 24 months for treatments up to $20,000, with a 20% deposit required.

6. Talk to reception staff or your dentist if you’re feeling anxious

It’s not uncommon to feel nervous about visiting the dentist - even more so if you’re experiencing a distressing dental emergency. If you’re feeling very anxious, be sure to talk to a staff member about how we can assist.

We offer a range of options to help make the dental experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible, including different types of anesthetics to minimise pain and discomfort.

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