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Paediatric Dentistry, Perth | Dr Vaish Says "Kids Dentistry Can Be Fun!"

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A Moment with Dr Vaish Gopalakrishnan
Local Kids Dentistry
What is Paediatric Dentistry?
Your Child’s First Visit
The Journey to Adulthood
Common Dental Issues for Kids
What is The Child Dental Benefits Schedule?

At DB Dental (part of National Dental Care Group), we understand the importance of good oral hygiene for your children, we are also aware that kids are often hesitant and fearful of medical-related experiences, whether it is a visit to the dentist or the doctor. When it comes to the dental health of your child, we believe it is imperative to have someone who explains procedures and processes in a friendly manner. Our expert paediatric dentist Dr Vaish Gopalakrishnan, is a highly experienced dentist in all aspects of Kids’ Dentistry.

A Moment with Dr Vaish Gopalakrishnan

Dr Vaish Gopalakrishnan

Dr Vaish Gopalakrishnan completed her dentistry in 2007 and knew straightaway she wanted to work with children. She worked at a Paediatric dental practice for a year before she moved to Hong Kong to pursue her Masters in Dental Surgery (Paediatric dentistry) from the prestigious University of Hong Kong Dental School. In 2011, she moved to Perth, Australia and in 2013 joined the ‘Doctor in Clinical Dentistry’ Paediatric Dentistry program, offered through UWA, to pursue further post graduate training.

When Dr Gopalakrishnan was little, she was always fascinated with healthcare and the idea behind how the body worked. But ultimately it was her family’s involvement in charitable community work for children with special needs that inspired her to set foot into Healthcare.

“I qualified to study dentistry and although initially wanted to study medicine, I have never looked back,” she says. “Eventually, I went to Hong Kong to study Masters in Paediatric Dentistry. In my final year in dental school, one of my tutors, who had recently completed post-graduate studies at Hong Kong University, talked to me about his experience and that inspired me to study there. The facilities and quality of education are some of the industry’s highest standard.”

Dr Vaish Gopalakrishnan is particularly passionate about creating long term healthy habits, emphasising the importance of preserving kids’ oral health. She says that the key is to make the experience fun for the children whilst educating the parents.

“Working with children is always interesting, it never gets monotonous, and their personalities are different and engaging. I must admit, becoming a parent myself has broadened my understanding of children and given me perspective on what parents struggle with in caring for their children’s oral health. We need to appreciate how important it is to set a good dental experience from a young age, in order to create healthy oral habits right into adulthood”.

“Children’s teeth stay in the mouth for 10 years, the baby teeth preserve space for the adult teeth, early loss will cause space issues potentially requiring orthodontic treatment in the future. Also, a small decay in a baby tooth grows very quickly causing pain and infection, hence the importance of oral hygiene, healthy diet and regular check-ups from a young age.”

Dr Vaish Gopalakrishnan consults at our Baldivis, Cottesloe and Currambine practices on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In addition, she also treats patients who require general anaesthetic through the Southbank Day Surgery.

For more information on Children’s (Paediatric) Dentistry, call and book an appointment with Dr Vaish Gopalakrishnan today through one of our family friendly practices in the Perth.

Local Kids Dentistry

DB Dental, Baldivis
Stockland Shopping Centre, Shop 21, 26 Safety Bay Road, Baldivis, WA 6171
(08) 9524 2344

DB Dental, Cottesloe
Cottesloe Medical Centre, Unit 1, 525 Stirling Highway, Cottesloe, WA 6011
(08) 9384 7965

DB Dental, Currambine
Unit 2, 1 Hobsons Gate, Currambine, WA 6028
(08) 9305 3251

What is Paediatric Dentistry?

Paediatric Dentistry is a branch of dentistry dedicated to the oral health of children, from infants up to teenagers. These specialist dentists provide parents with a careful oral health plan for their kids and help to build positive Oral Hygiene habits with the children. By the time they reach the age of two, or sometimes before that age if you have any dental concerns, you should visit the dentist or oral health therapist (OHT) for a General Check-Up.

Your Child’s First Visit

On their first visit to the practice, this will be an opportunity for your child to become acquainted with the dental chair, environment, staff, and their dentist. The dentist will perform a visual examination of your child's teeth, as well as address any concerns or identify any possible future issues. You and your child will also have the opportunity to ask any questions and the dental staff will instruct you both on how to maintain correct dental hygiene at home.

The Journey to Adulthood

You need to maintain your child's dental care each year, from the age of two, for a full dental check-up and clean. Around the age of five, your dentist may recommend annual dental x-rays for a more in-depth evaluation of your child's dental health.

In addition to annual check-ups, you must follow recommendations regarding treatments or procedures for dental issues. It's also important to follow up with their appointments, which may be more frequent when addressing ongoing issues with your child's dental health.

Common Dental Issues for Kids

Paediatric dentists see certain dental issues in children more commonly than others – including tooth decay and prolonged thumb sucking. At DB Dental, we have dentists with the training and expertise to treat these problems quickly and comfortably for your child.

The most common dental issues we see in children are:

  • Tooth decay
  • Cavities
  • Damage to teeth as a result of accidents
  • Thumb sucking/pacifier sucking
  • Bad breath
  • Tooth grinding

What is The Child Dental Benefits Schedule?

We understand that dental procedures and treatments can often be an unexpected expense, and a higher cost than most parents are expecting. For children who are eligible for Medicare, and receive at least one additional benefit, they may be eligible for CDBS.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) benefits and payments can be used to pay for specified treatments at a private dentist. CDBS provides $1,000 in benefits to be used over two consecutive calendar years, for basic dental services inclusive of dental examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, and extractions.