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Get S.M.A.R.T About Your Oral Health

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Cosmetic dental treatment is about more than just looking great!
The Perfect Plan Starts With YOU!
A stress-free dental experience

If you brush your teeth twice a day, floss regularly, and visit the dentist for a check-up and clean every six months, you’re well on your way to good oral health. However, if you have unfinished dental treatment that requires a follow-up, this could be standing in the way of taking your oral health to the next level.

It’s a bit like going to the gym - your normal routine is great for general mouth maintenance, but to get your oral health to an optimal condition, you may need to do a little extra. And this could be as simple as booking in at your local NDC and DB Dental practice to complete your dental treatment.

Cosmetic dental treatment is about more than just looking great!

If you’ve undergone cosmetic dental work that requires follow-up treatment, completing this is important for more than just the aesthetics of your teeth and mouth.

Correcting dental issues such as teeth misalignment, gaps and overcrowding can help to improve jaw movement and function, reducing pain and making everyday activities such as speaking and eating easier and more enjoyable.

What’s more, delaying treatment can cause existing issues to get worse, potentially leading to complications that will require more extensive (and costly) work in the future. For this reason, it’s always better to complete your treatment as recommended by your dental provider.

The Perfect Plan Starts With YOU!

Achieving your optimal oral health goals is a lot easier with a clear plan in place. We recommend using the S.M.A.R.T strategy to get the best results from your plan:

  • Specific: Get clear on your oral health goals and discuss your specific objectives with your dentist.
  • Measurable: Having treatment milestones in place can help you stay on track with your oral health journey.
  • Attainable: Talk to your dentist about what’s possible and achievable in terms of your dental goals.
  • Relevant: Work with your dentist to create a treatment strategy that’s relevant to your needs.
  • Time-Bound: Your treatment plan will help you achieve your oral health goals within a recommended timeframe.

Your NDC and DB Dental provider can work with you to develop a clear, customised treatment plan that fits your needs and budget.

Whether you need to plan your dental treatment around your work schedule, family commitments, or available health fund benefits, we can help you create a focused plan that makes it simple to complete your dental treatment in a way that fits your lifestyle.

And if it’s been a while since you last came to see us, don’t worry! Have a chat with your Dentist to get you back on track, as well as discussing different treatment options so know what’s available to you.

A stress-free dental experience

When you step into one of our practices, you’ll be welcomed by our warm and friendly staff who are there to ensure you have a comfortable and stress-free experience throughout your appointment.

If you’re nervous about your treatment, we offer a range of options to ease dental anxiety, including twilight (sleep) dentistry - speak to your local practice about the available options.

Did you know that National Dental Care and DB Dental offer payment plans to assist with the cost of your dental treatment? This includes SmileFund - an interest-free option for treatments from $800 to $20,000 - and Afterpay, which lets you split your purchase into four fortnightly instalments.

Click here to learn more about our interest-free payment plans.

When it comes to visiting the dentist, spending a little time in the practice can go a long way to improving your oral health. If you need to book in for dental treatment, make an appointment online today.