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Infection Control

A recent survey performed in the United States stated that the highest concern patients have about dental care is 'patient protection'.

Our team adheres to the highest standard in infection control as set by the Australian Dental Association (ADA).

We remain abreast of the very latest practices by attending comprehensive training courses regularly.

The following are some of the infection control procedures that we employ universally:

  • Where possible, disposable, single use instruments and materials are used.
  • Barrier protection – all treatment areas are covered with a single use, plastic barrier.
  • All of our non-disposable instruments are cleaned, first using an ultrasonic cleaner and then sterilised in an autoclave at 134°C for a 45 minute cycle to ensure sterility.
  • All of our critical instruments are 'tracked' in accordance with Dental Board regulations, to assess and ensure the instruments that are used in your procedure are checked against a particular sterilisation cycle.
  • All of our team members practise 'universal precautions' and when in clinical areas and sterilising room, always wear personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, gloves, masks and gowns.
Australian Dental Association (ADA)

“We consider the health of our patients and our team to be of utmost importance.”

- Dr Jason Gray

Lead Dentist