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With ongoing shopping centre renovations, please allow some extra time to locate us. How to find us.

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How To Find Us

Please be aware Chadstone Shopping Centre is currently undergoing renovations. Give us a call if you have any issues finding the practice.

National Dental Care Chadstone reception area

How to find us

National Dental Care Chadstone offers a beautifully modern practice that is conveniently located at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

As Chadstone Shopping Centre is currently undergoing renovations, so we recommend allowing extra time to get here. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Walking guide from Car Park E

Walking guide: From Car Park E to National Dental Care Chadstone

Walking guide: From Car Park E to National Dental Care Chadstone

Getting here by car

If you’re driving to Chadstone Shopping Centre, please park in Car Park E, you can access the City Circuit via Princes Hwy / Dandenong Rd and follow the directions to Car Park E.

Once you have arrived, head down to the Chemist Warehouse entrance and follow our guide below:

Chemist Warehouse Entrance

1. From Chemist WarehouseWhen arriving from Car Park E, make sure the Chemist Warehouse is on your right.

Continue straight

2. Continue under the walkwayAs you pass the Chemist Warehouse continue straight under the walkway.

Follow the alley

3. Follow the alleyYou’ll see a passageway open-up between the construction and the building, continue to the end of the alley.

Turn right

4. Turn rightAt the end of the alley turn right and you should see the sign for National Dental Care.

Getting here by bus

Buses arrive and depart from Chadstone all day, every day, with over 900 buses per week coming from 11 suburban bus routes.

Once at Chadstone Shopping Centre locate Chemist Warehouse and follow the directions above to National Dental Care.

Convenience meets comfort

If you’re ready to take the next step towards a healthier, happier smile, book your appointment with us today.