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New Patient Offer:

A fully comprehensive no gap check-up and clean for health fund members; or $199 for non-health fund members*. Click here for more info.

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What is the Employee Dental Scheme?
How the EDS works
No Gap payment example

We are thrilled to present the Modern Dental Pacific (MDP) Employee Dental Scheme (EDS). Your health is our top priority, and with this partnership, we ensure that you receive professional care from our industry experts.

What is the Employee Dental Scheme?

Modern Dental Pacific employees with a health fund membership will receive a No Gap dental check-up (including scale, clean, polish, x-rays and flouride treatment) upto $500 within a 12-month period.

Note: An employee’s gap payment will receive a further 10% discount (up to a maximum discount of $500). Any remaining gap will be charged back to Modern Dental Pacific; with any remaining balance over $500 being charged to the emplyee for payment on the day.

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For employees without health cover, they can enjoy a dental check-up for only $179.

How the EDS works

Getting up and running is easy! Simply follow the steps below and make sure to let the friendly practice staff know that you’re an employee of Modern Dental Pacific so they can arrange your invoice correctly.

  1. Find your nearest participating dentist
  2. Book an appointment
    Call or book online and secure a time that suits you.
  3. Attend your appointment

No Gap payment example

For any gap payments required, we have outlined an example of how this process works:

  • A $1,000 service which receives the MDP employee’s health fund rebate of $400 (the gap would thus be $600).
  • A 10% discount is then applied to the gap of $600 (the new gap would be $540).
  • $500 of the remaining gap would be charged to Modern Dental Pacific and the remaining $40 would be charged directly to the MDP employee on the day.

Let us ensure that your dental health is in excellent hands, allowing you to maintain a radiant smile without the concern of managing expenses.

Terms and conditions

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, can only be claimed by an active employee of Modern Dental Pacific and is non-transferable to any other individual or family members. The maximum gap that can be posted against the Modern Dental Pacific employee payment type is $500 per annum, per employee.