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Teeth darken naturally with age, but a big caffeine habit or regular glasses of red can make staining progress a lot quicker. And smoking is bad in so many ways, not just for your teeth of course. So you’ve decided that this is the year for a brighter smile and you’re ready to make some lifestyle changes – but what if you’ve had some dental work done?

Will professional teeth whitening work on crowns and other dental treatments? Most people have crowns and fillings when they want to get their teeth whitened. Here’s what you can and can’t do.


Whiter teeth and crowns


Because crowns are made from porcelain or composite materials, they remain the colour they were made as they can’t be bleached. But that’s not always bad news if you have crowns.

If it’s been a while since your crowns were made, it’s likely your teeth were a lighter shade because you were younger. Your dentist would have matched your crowns to your natural colour back then, so you can lighten your teeth back to that shade, or even a little lighter, without it being obvious.

And if your crowns are not front and centre of your smile, you have more leeway to have whiter teeth. If they’re towards the back of your mouth, they won’t be noticeable when you smile. So crowns aren’t always a problem with whitening teeth.


What can I do about obvious crowns which are too dark?


Your National Dental Care dentist will be able to advise you on your individual options for whitening your teeth when you have crowns. They are experts with facial aesthetics and can advise what will look naturally brighter overall, and where some dental work might need replacing.

If a crown is too obviously visible and dark, you can have it replaced by one in a lighter colour. Sometimes crowns need to be replaced for other reasons and you may eventually have to replace it anyway. Your dentist can help you understand what your options are and what to budget for. And don’t forget that National Dental Care offers no-interest payment plans to eligible patients.


How can I keep my teeth white?


Once you’re happy with your new and brighter smile, you can keep it that way by taking care of your teeth. Your National Dental Care practitioner will make sure you’re up to speed on the best way to clean your teeth. But it’s up to you to cut back on coffees and red wine, and to rinse your mouth and clean your teeth before they’re stained again.

See your doctor if you need help to stop smoking and keep your dental checkup appointments. Your beautiful white teeth will stay that way with the right habits and regular checkups.

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