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Extract from Bustle.com

By Elizabeth Enochs

7 causes of halitosis, explained

We all get stuck talking to someone with bad breath every so often, and it’s never fun. Sometimes it’s your well-meaning (but terminally coffee-breathed) boss trapping you in the break room for an in-depth conversation about spreadsheets. Other times, it’s your sweet, sweet partner who just has to give you a kiss the second they roll over every morning. And if you have pets, you’ve no doubt allowed their adorableness to blind you to their shockingly nasty breath on occasion, too….read more

  1. You’re not taking your oral hygiene seriously enough
  2. It might just be your food choice
  3. Dry mouth could be to blame
  4. You could have gum disease
  5. Illnesses and sinus problems could be the source

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If you’re concerned about your breath (and it’s hard to know if your own breath is sweet), make an appointment online now with your National Dental Care practitioner to check your oral health.




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