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Whiter teeth can really improve your smile, particularly if you have been a smoker or drinking red wine or coffee for years. The safest treatments come from your National Dental Care practitioner who can check your teeth and explain your teeth-whitening options. You can even get a custom kit to do it at home.

What’s the difference between teeth-whitening technologies?

Tea, coffee, red wine and various other foods and drinks can stain your teeth, as well as smoking. If you want whiter teeth, what are your options?

You can find plenty of teeth-whitening toothpastes and treatments in your local chemist – but are they really a money-saver? And what if you’ve got fillings or a crown that won’t match your newly-whitened teeth?

Everyone’s teeth are different and your National Dental Care dentist can advise on the type of teeth-whitening treatment that will be most effective for you.

Supermarket solutions

The packaging makes it look easy to whiten your teeth, but you can risk doing some damage with off-the-shelf products. They may affect your dental enamel or make your teeth painfully sensitive.

Your teeth are easily damaged and can be very expensive to repair if the treatment goes wrong.

Take-home custom treatment

Your National Dental Care dentist can prepare custom-trays with a specialist treatment such as Opalescence, to whiten your teeth at home. This method depends on consistent use and takes longer, but it is less invasive than other methods.

This may suit you if you have very sensitive teeth or prefer to do the treatment yourself at home.

One-hour to whiter teeth

You National Dental Care practitioner will first check your teeth and explain the results you are are likely to achieve, and whether you’ll need any fillings or caps replaced to match the new shade.

Then a professional-strength treatment, sometimes used with a bright light, will be applied to improve the shade of your teeth. Zoom, BriteSmile or Opalescence treatments may be used. The treatment takes an hour in the chair.

Afterwards you need to make lifestyle changes such as drinking less coffee or red wine, and stopping smoking if you smoke, to keep your teeth white.

Make a booking with your National Dental Care practitioner online to discuss your teeth-whitening options.

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