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Every child has different needs, and which toothbrush they should use depends on their needs.

With so many choices, choosing your child’s toothbrush can be tricky. Young children love toothbrushes that have colours and characters and this can help them enjoy brushing as they grow and develop control. Every set of teeth is different, so what’s the best choice for your child?

Hard, soft?

Every child has different needs but a toothbrush should be easy to hold, and should fit comfortably in their mouth.

Children  should use a toothbrush with soft bristles over hard ones. The soft bristle provides a thorough clean, but one that isn’t tough on the gum, avoiding wear and tear on sensitive areas as children’s teeth continue to develop.

Manual or electric?

Electric oscillating toothbrushes will usually remove more plaque than a manual toothbrush, but a manual toothbrush is fine for children as it allows them to develop their brushing skills.

Kids usually prefer manual toothbrushes as they offer a wider variety of styles and colours.

Does age matter?

For babies and toddlers who can’t brush their own teeth, a colourful manual toothbrush they like encourages them to enjoy the process.

As children grow older, brushing becomes an independent routine. A colourful or themed brush helps to keep brushing daily both interesting and important.

Later on, an electric toothbrush can provide a different level of fun. They can feel the vibrations against their gums and experiencie a whole new way to keep those teeth shining brightly!

The importance of brushing

Your kids should be cleaning their teeth twice a day, ensuring that they floss so that no bit of food is left between their teeth.

No matter the age of your child or the toothbrush they use, maintain  their oral health through a consistent and effective brushing routine. Keep your kids brushing well with a glance at our video, or book an appointment with a dentist today to start your kids brushing right!

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