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General dentistry services are the first port of call for any dental issue. Your National Dental Care practice provides general dentistry work from checkups to fillings of all kinds, crowns, bridges and dentures, implants, root canal therapy, wisdom teeth removal and treatment for gum disease.

General dentistry can also provide cosmetic and aesthetic services such as tooth-whitening and porcelain and composite veneers.

Children’s dental services are also an important part of general dentistry, along with preventative services.

This week is Dental Health Week and the focus is on your oral health. National Dental Care’s general dentistry services are your experts in oral healthcare.


When should I see a dentist?

Regular dental checkups are the basis for good oral health. You should have a checkup every six months, or if a dental issue occurs sooner.

Your National Dental Care dentist will assess your teeth and talk with you about any issues or potential problems. Your teeth will also be professionally cleaned and polished and your dental professional will check your oral healthcare routine.

Children should have their first checkup around two years of age to ensure their baby teeth stay healthy and support the development of their adult teeth.

If you’ve missed regular checkups or you’re very nervous about dental visits, be sure to tell your National Dental Care practitioner. They are very knowledgeable about making nervous patients comfortable. They will work with you to get you the oral healthcare you need, including for complex treatments.


What if my dental problems are serious?

Your regular National Dental Care dentist is your first stop for any dental issue. Your dentist can assess what your dental problems are and explain what treatments you may need. They will let you know if treatment is required urgently or whether you can time the treatments around other plans.

They will also recommend any specialist services and will work with the specialist to provide holistic care after the treatment.

National Dental Care also has an interest-free payment plan for major dental work.


What are preventative services?

Preventative services are an important part of general dentistry. By having regular checkups and professional cleans combined with good oral hygiene at home, you have the foundation for healthy teeth.

At your checkups, your dentist will keep an eye out for potential future issues. If anything is likely to become a problem down the track, your dentist can discuss what could happen and how it may either be prevented or treated in the future. Early treatment is better than waiting for serious symptoms.

A nutritious diet is important for dental health, along with avoiding excess sugar – more than six teaspoons a day is a problem for your teeth.

Make a booking online now with your National Dental Care practitioner and look after your oral health.

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