Chermside dentists restoring smiles to those who need it most - National Dental Care

Last week the National Dental Care Chermside team volunteered their time and professional services to support people who were identified as needing a helping hand.

Volunteering Makes Everyone Smile

The day enables our dentists and teams to help people in domestic violence situations, people experiencing homelessness and those who are on government waiting lists. Anyone who is identified as needing help, and attended the practice, is given services completely free-of-charge.

“Keeping in mind that in Australia, one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner, this is a really serious matter,” says lead dentist Jillian Fisher, who said her team welcomed the opportunity to help others.

“We have access to healthcare, but not everyone is so lucky so this is our chance to help,” said Dr. Jillian who along with Dr. Deborah Little, volunteered her time.

“This day was more than just a visit to the dentist, it was about treating the people who attended with integrity and respect. Enabling good health gives people a step up in life.”

Goodwill Creates Smiles in Chermside

Dr. Jillian Fisher continued “it was a wonderful opportunity for our team who turned the day into a bit of fun. We had some morning tea and snacks, and made it a fun welcoming environment with some banners and balloons.”

The goodwill within the team, and in return from those who were helped was really felt throughout the practice.

Dr. Jillian says “the program is facilitated by the Australian Dental Association & the Australian Dental Health Foundation, and is championed by our own dentist Dr. Henry Gilkes.”

Dr. Henry Gilkes is known for his philanthropic and charitable work within NDC and the broader dental community, even inspiring his own family to help.

The Whole Community Get Behind Volunteer Day

The day enabled dentists to use their professional skills and engage with their local and professional communities.

A big thank you to those who were involved with the day including:

The Cheese Cake Shop, who donated cake.

Wavell Heights, who donated a morning tea.

MDDI who donated single-use instruments.

SDI who donated restorative materials.

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