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For many, Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to shower your significant other in love, affection, and delicious treats! Although it may be a token of our love and appreciation, the sweets we give and eat can take their toll on teeth. Of course, sweets can be enjoyed in moderation, but if you’re tooth-conscious and want to prevent the onset of cavities this Valentine’s Day, here are a few alternatives you can keep in mind to avoid a valentine’s dental trip.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

First and foremost, fresh fruit and vegetables are a great alternative compared to dried fruits and chewy candy when eaten in moderation. Fruit and veggies are hard, crunchy, and contain water, which presents several benefits to your oral health.

Unlike dried fruits and lollies, which stick to your teeth and expose them to sugar, crunchy fruit and veggies help produce saliva while gently scrubbing and cleaning the surface of your teeth, removing plaque and food particles. That means food like apples, celery, cucumber, and carrots are all a better option than any chocolates in a heart-shaped box.

If you’re looking for a healthy treat idea with a romantic twist, try some strawberries coated in dark chocolate. Strawberries are packed with both Vitamin C and antioxidants, and even though dark chocolate contains sugar, it also includes chemicals that limit the growth of oral bacteria.

That’s one way to stop a Valentine’s dental trip. What else won’t cause you any Valentine’s dental drama?

Cheese and nuts

If you’re feeling a little sophisticated, how about a nice cheese platter?

Aside for being cultured, cheese is both rich in calcium and reduces the acid in our mouth, and much like fruit and veggies, increases saliva production, which can wash off the bacteria camping on your teeth.

If you’re looking for an add-on for your cheese platter, nuts are full of natural health benefits and contain plenty of calcium and phosphorus. In particular, almonds and cashews help the fight against bacteria that can cause tooth decay.

Tea or red wine anyone?

It’s important to drink fluids to wash down the foods we consume, so we need to be mindful of what we choose to drink. Alcoholic drinks loaded with sugar like those found in mixed cocktails can dry out your mouth and weaken its natural defence against cavities, making them a surefire way to ensure a Valentine’s dental development.

If alcohol is a must-have this Valentine’s Day, consider a glass of red wine instead. While it still has sugar, red wine has a lower sugar content than sweet alcoholic beverages and can have a antimicrobial effect against some oral bacteria.

Alternatively, if you’d rather give the alcohol a miss, both black and green teas contain polyphenol and fluoride, which fights and kills bacteria and maintains healthy teeth.

Don’t make it a day of breaks

Nobody wants a broken heart on Valentine’s Day, and we’re sure you don’t want broken teeth, either. Moderating what sweets and treats you eat and practising healthy habits will ensure that your teeth stay healthy, and both you and your Valentine’s date are happy.

Be sure to visit your local National Dental Care for any Valentine’s dental concerns, but otherwise, enjoy the occasion with someone who means something to you.

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