In-Chair Whitening

A smile is often the first thing we notice about someone, and who doesn't welcome a smile from someone with beautiful white teeth? A great smile reflects how we feel about ourselves, and often indicates our overall well-being. 

When we display damaged and discoloured teeth, not only does it affect our self-esteem and confidence, it may also point to other health problems.

Did you know that smiling also improves your mental health? It turns out the act of smiling releases serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins, all of which contribute to a better mood and may also act as a pain reliever. They do say that 'laughter is the best medicine'.

Available Teeth Whitening Methods

At National Dental Care, we provide three choices to whiten your teeth:


This in-chair method requires a separate appointment for teeth whitening. This method uses a 40% concentration of carbamide peroxide. This method represents the right choice for people who want a considerable level of whitening but don't expect to experience a significant reaction or sensitivity to the gel used.


A whitening process that takes place in the comfort of your home. The at-home method also represents the least amount of risk for adverse reactions. The downside of this method involves the amount of time it takes for optimum results. It may take up to two weeks to whiten your teeth.


It is a method that may take place when you go in to get other dental work done. Three applications of the whitening gel take place since the level of carbamide peroxide measures relatively low. 

Zoom! In-Chair Whitening procedure

Here is what you can expect with the Zoom! in-chair whitening treatment:

  • Allow a one-hour appointment for the procedure
  • At the appointment, the whitening gel gets applied every 15-20 minutes during the hour
  • The Zoom! method penetrates the tooth enamel thoroughly and also reaches between the teeth
  • Unlike over-the-counter methods, the Zoom! in the chair method will last for months

One of the significant advantages of using the Zoom! method involves the fact that it only takes an hour out of your busy schedule. Not only will your teeth look terrific immediately, but if you experience concerns or come up with questions during the process, the dental professionals will address your concerns right there. Most patients say they experience very little or no pain or sensitivity. Of course, if you do experience uncomfortable teeth or gum sensitivity after you return to your home or office, you should call for advice. 

Most people will need to schedule follow-up appointments at least once a year. The need to repeat the procedure involves foods and beverages consumes that will continue to stain the teeth. Some of these foods and drinks include coffee, tea, red wine, and, of course, tobacco.

Additionally, to prevent the return of discoloured teeth, make sure you practice good dental hygiene, which includes brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash regularly. Many dentists recommend using a battery-operated or electric toothbrush. A healthy diet also helps keep your teeth looking their best. Make sure you consume adequate calcium for a terrific smile. 

National Dental Service provides services for all your dental needs, such as regular cleanings, crowns and bridges, and filling cavities. They also offer help with non-dental concerns and procedures such as sleep apnoea, jaw and gum disease, and oral cancer checks.

We also know not everyone budgets for an emergency crown or even a session to whiten their teeth. That's why at National Dental we offer AfterPay. AfterPay gives you a variety of flexible ways to pay for your dental care, non-dental services, and teeth whitening at reasonable rates and terms that fit with your budget.

We want to help you make your smile whiter and brighter while improving your self-confidence and the health of your teeth. For more information on our Zoom! in-chair service, please contact us.


Are you disappointed with the results from cheap teeth whitening products? These products promise instant results. But, while using the over-the-counter products habitually may yield some positive results, these products don't promise the deep whitening and removal of stains that come with professional treatments.

Are you wondering if it's time to get professional teeth whitening? Consider the following:

- Does the condition of my teeth impact my self-confidence or self-esteem?
- Do I suffer from jaw or gum disease or other health problems?
- What level of whitening do I need?
- What is my budget for teeth whitening?
- How would a teeth whitening process fit into my schedule?

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