3Shape Trios®

3Shape TRIOS® is the worlds first wireless dental scanner, shaping the way dentists provide high-quality oral care. One quick scan can provide your dentist with the information they need to track changes in your teeth and identify any dental issues sooner.

How does a 3Shape TRIOS® scanner work?

Dentists use a TRIOS scanner to accurately track changes in patients teeth and identify dental issues such as cavities. They also scan and map your teeth to send to trusted third-party mills and 3D printers for treatments such as crowns, bridges, and clear aligners.

To get the best results from using the TRIOS, ensure your dentist is doing a new scan every time you come in for a check-up. That way, they can detect changes in your dental condition earlier by continuously comparing your scans. They can also monitor any small changes in your teeth such as wear and tear, grinding, and chipping, and intervene quickly to ensure it doesn't get any worse.

What are the benefits of having a TRIOS® scan?

Traditionally, dental impressions would have to be taken by using a liquid plaster product to make a mould of your teeth and gums. The physical mould is then sent to the lab where they create your crowns, appliances, and custom fit aligners. This whole process isn't ideal and can be uncomfortable and quite messy for the patient.

With the TRIOS scanner, they're able to scan your teeth and email the impression to the lab digitally. Some benefits of using this scanner instead of traditional methods include:

  • There's a quicker turnaround as the scan is sent immediately to the lab.
  • Products are a more accurate fit and require fewer adjustments.
  • Its a more comfortable process.
  • The scan is less intimidating for small children who may be scared of the dentist.
  • It creates high-quality digital impressions in lifelike colours making proposed dental treatments easier to understand.



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