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Whether you need a missing tooth replaced or wish to improve the appearance or function of your natural teeth, National Dental Care dentists can help with a wide range of restorative dentistry options.

These may include fillings, ceramic inlays, crowns, bridges, dental implants, or even dentures.

CAD/CAM technology

CEREC and Trios are just some of the digital devices which use CAD/CAM technology to produce fillings and crowns out of a single block of ceramic in just one visit. CAD/CAM stands for computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. ­

CAD/CAM dentistry involves three simple steps:

  1. Taking a digital impression or a scan of teeth using a digital device like CEREC.
  2. Designing the restoration or dental device from the scans on the digital device, using the CAD technology
  3. Manufacturing the restoration or dental device using computer-aided technologies, such as computer aided milling or 3D printing

Fast production

Digital dental impression and design technology eliminates the need for messy moulding materials, speeds up production of dental work from up to three weeks to a couple of hours, improves accuracy of the fit of crowns and fillings and stores files digitally, rather than producing stone models.

This is why digital dentistry is more environmentally friendly, more convenient to the patient and offers dentists more control over the final restoration.

Replace old unsightly fillings in just one visit with CEREC

Imagine getting back the strength and durability of your natural teeth, using the latest technology and techniques, in just one visit. That’s CEREC (stands for: Ceramic Restoration), an advanced computerised system for creating all-ceramic fillings in one single visit.

Using this quality German 3D chair-side CAD/CAM technology, we create a custom-fitted restoration that gives you a natural looking result.

How it’s done

After decay and old filling materials are removed, your teeth are scanned and a new CEREC filling is designed, milled and bonded to your existing tooth: supporting and strengthening its structure.

National Dental Care is excited to offer you this natural looking, strong and superior restoration at selected practices.

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