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Zoom™ is an in-chair teeth whitening procedure. Highly popular in America and Australia, Zoom involves the use of a specially-formulated gel that is applied to your teeth. When exposed to the ultraviolet light, the active ingredients in the gel break down years of stains and lighten your tooth enamel. During a one hour visit the gel is applied every 15-20 minutes.


BriteSmile® is a popular whitening treatment that can also significantly improve the appearance of your teeth.

After a routine cleaning your dentist will apply the appropriate amount of whitening gel to your teeth and then use the BriteSmile light to activate the gel. This is normally repeated three times in a visit. The procedure is safe and you will notice an immediate improvement.


Opalescence has three forms of whitening available: take-home, ready to go and in-chair. They are only available though dental professionals.

Take-home whitening gel is ideal for people who want the most customised whitening treatment possible.

Opalescence ready-to-go whitening gel offers professional whitening results for people who want to take their whitening treatments to go.

Opalescence in-office whitening treatment is performed start to finish in the dental office, giving you powerful, professional results in about an hour.

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