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Toowoomba Dentist urges sportspeople to try custom mouth guards

National Dental Care Toowoomba are encouraging patients who play sport to try a custom-fitted mouth guard. As opposed to store bought, these mouth guards are moulded to fit the individual’s mouth. This means they are intended to give more support. They are also made to last, with typically two layers of material to protect both the mouth and jaw.

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How to get a custom-fitted mouth guard

First, simply make a booking for a time that suits you. If you are making an appointment for multiple people, please feel free to call, and we can coordinate the booking times to give you the most convenient visit. You can book online or call us (07) 4632 5622.

On your visit, a mould will be taken of your mouth. This ensures the mouth guard is made to fit your teeth, and give you optimum support. The mould is then sent to our laboratory, which is on-site. and the mouthguard is made in less than a week.*

What will it cost?

We understand price is a consideration, so to encourage sportsmen, women, and children to try a custom-fitted mouthguard, we are offering these GAP-FREE with any health fund dental extra coverage. This means you can pay $0 out of pocket.

What if you don’t have health insurance?

We want all of our patients to stay fit and healthy, regardless of whether they have private health insurance, so we are offering these to non-health fund patients for only $99. As far as we know this is the most affordable price in the area!

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custom-fitted mouthguards

Our custom-fitted mouthguards are a precise fit made from durable material.

*These prices are valid for children and adults. They are valid for any health insurance with dental extras. They are not offered in conjunction with any other offer or discount and can be withdrawn at the discretion of the National Dental Care Toowoomba. A week is the standard time these take to create, but we aim for a three day turnover. In some instances, it is dependant on volume. To avoid delays we encourage patients to allow minimum two weeks before you start playing sport, to ensure your mouth guard is with you with ample time.

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