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Your appointment is tomorrow. You haven’t slept for the last two nights thinking about it. You’re sweating at the mention of teeth and every smile you pass fills you with dread.

You’re not alone – up to 10% of us are anxious dental patients. At National Dental Care, we know that just telling you it’ll be okay is not enough.

It can be fear of pain, painfully sensitive teeth, past dental trauma or complicated dental issues. Problems start when you keep putting off visiting your dentist and neglect makes problems worse.

Here are some strategies to help you with your tooth terror:

C’mon, get happy

Happy gas can help all kinds of nervy patients. You breathe “happy gas” mixed with pure oxygen and air to achieve a calm ‘weightless’ feeling.

When you’re relaxed, you’re a better patient and the best part about happy gas is that you’re fully aware and can still chat with your dentist, minus your worries. Happy gas is quick-acting which means it starts working before your anxiety increases and its effects will wear off in time for you to drive safely home.

Ease with zzzzzz’s

IV sedation, or sleep dentistry is delivered via an injection. It makes you feel as though you’re asleep when you’re still conscious. This means you feel calm and relaxed but can still understand and follow directions.

While your dentist gets on with your treatment, your anxiety is low and the sedation is strong enough that you’re not likely to have much memory of the procedure. Our practitioners are experienced and trained for this treatment and it not only helps soothe your anxiety but also allows your dentist to work with a calm and cooperative patient.

Generally speaking

General anaesthetic is a great option for highly anxious patients. This treatment puts you into a deep sleep which means you feel no pain, won’t be aware of what’s happening and have no memory of surgery.

At some of our practices, our dental practitioners may be assisted by an anaesthesiologist who’ll put you to sleep. Once you’re slumbering, we control how deeply you sleep – closely monitoring your blood pressure, pulse, and breathing.

Listen and learn 

We take the time to listen to your concerns around coming to the dentist. Most of the time, we find that just getting it off your chest and hearing the facts around your fears can help ease them. Knowing about your anxiety allows us to adjust our treatment accordingly.

Controlling pain

National Dental Care keeps up to date with all the technical advances in equipment and treatments that seek to lessen or quash pain altogether. We’re constantly working to make your experience a better one.

Chair time

We’re always refining our practice to get you in and out of our dentist chairs as fast as possible. We have the implements and equipment to reduce the time of your treatment. Knowing your experience will be swift and effective helps keep anxiety at bay.

Knowledge is calming

You can also reduce your dental dread by learning your treatment options and the results you can expect from your dental visit. Call us today to see which of these options are available at your local National Dental Care practice. No matter what, we’re always happy to put your mind at ease with a chat.

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