Teeth Whitening Truths: Comparison for over-the-counter products

Teeth whitening is a simple way to bring the shine back to your teeth. If you’re thinking of traveling down the teeth-whitening trail, think carefully about using an over-the-counter solution. We’ve put together a quick comparison to help you decide which method might be best for you and your teeth. If you’re still unsure, speak with your local practice for a professional opinion.

Over-the-counter whitening products

Your local pharmacy has a selection of whitening strips or gels for use at home. These range from extremely thin, almost invisible whitening strips to preformed tray-based whitening systems. While these methods are convenient and you may see some results after a couple of days, they’re a one-size fits all approach to a personal problem.

Different strokes

DIY whitening products contain a lower-strength bleaching agent. This means that the results will be shorter-lasting and less effective. DIY mouthpiece trays are produced for the masses and therefore won’t provide you with the best results.

Your dentist can take an imprint of your teeth to make a customised tray, designed to fit your teeth. As well as being more effective, this helps limit the gel’s contact with gum tissue.

Teeth-whitening truths

In a nutshell, DIY whitening products aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Teeth Whitening is an individual treatment subject to:

  • budget
  • your oral health
  • schedule
  • appropriate type of stain to match your teeth

If you’re considering whitening your teeth, come and have a chat about what, why, how and when. Find your local practice and speak to our friendly teams, we are more than happy to help you sort out what’s best for you.

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