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Mouthwash can do a whole range of things, or just make your breath smell fresh for a little while. Special therapeutic mouthwashes can be great for some dental and oral health issues.

And if you have bad breath, you need more than a mouthwash to deal with it. A mouthwash will only cover it up for a little while. … read more

You’ve got a suspicion your breath isn’t the freshest. Are your friends standing a little further back these days when you chat? Or maybe it was just you’ve had too much garlic? You’re cleaning your teeth twice a day. Should you be adding mouthwash to your routine? Is it necessary? … read more

Swish, swish, spit! The average mouthwash is only in your mouth for around 30 seconds before you spit it down the plughole, so it makes you wonder – does mouthwash really make a difference to your oral hygiene?

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