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Good dental health is not just about a nice white smile or fresh breath. Good dental health is important for your general health.

Dental decay and gum infections are not just miserable for you, they also affect chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart problems. By keeping your teeth healthy, you are looking after your general health.

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Just because you clean and floss your teeth twice a day doesn’t mean your teeth aren’t affected by what you eat. While cleaning helps, your physical health affects your dental health.

And many chronic conditions such as diabetes are also affected by poor dental health. Here’s what to watch in your diet so you are also looking after your dental health.

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Did you know that oral health and heart disease can be connected? Signs of one can be seen in the other, and it’s not alone. There is lots of evidence showing links between gum disease and cardiovascular disease, as well as diabetes.

It’s no wonder then that many believe dentistry and dental care should be handled holistically, which means to treat the body as a whole, not just section by section.

How can holistic dental care help take care of your dentistry needs?

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The warmer months of the year have arrived, and you know what that means: it’s time to work out all the ways to stay cool. That might mean a trip to the beach, a visit to the shops with all the air conditioning, or just eating and drinking every cold item you can find, like eating ice.

But hold up, because it turns out eating ice may not be good for you. It might feel good and bide time while you wait for something else to arrive like dinner and drinks, but eating ice can do some serious harm. Why is that, and what else should you not be eating?

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You probably know which foods are bad for you teeth (all those naughty sugary drinks and snacks), but did you know that some foods can actually be good for your teeth?

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