Role call: a kindy dental checklist - National Dental Care

Before the school year begins, lock in a date for your darling to see the dentist and start the year right.

And check off things that are important to the development of the little person in your life.

Make it a habit

Get your children into the habit of brushing and flossing when they have baby teeth. Ask your dentist to explain why it’s important when they visit, too.

Remember:  Teach y0ur children to clean their teeth from the age of two. Supervise and assist until they’re school age.

Regular routines

Help them as they brush and floss. Make it a routine with no exceptions and it will become a habit.

Remember: we brush daily before school and nightly before bed. We stick by this routine every day for the rest of our lives!

Regular check-ups

Plan to see the dentist every six months to make sure that those little teeth are getting the best of care. This helps to minimise surprise dental issues.

Check if your child is eligible for free dental benefits as part of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. To find out, contact your local National Dental Care and book your kindy kid in for a check-up.

Remember: book your child in today for smiles all year round!

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