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At National Dental Care Buddina (formerly Unwin Dental), we’ve been caring for the Sunshine Coast community for over three decades. We’ve built our practice by fostering relationships and creating an environment people want to visit. Our team are passionate about taking the time to talk you through your treatment options to alleviate any fears and answer any questions. Sometime fear can keep people away from the dentist, so the sooner we can restore your oral health, the longer your teeth will last and the healthier you’ll be.

White fillings

The procedure for white fillings is relatively quick and painless and is usually over within the hour. White resin fillings are often the dentist’s choice to replace old silver fillings, improve the colour of a tooth and repair broken or worn teeth. Dentists are now able to  use resin in many and varied situations. With meticulous hand-sculpting and polishing, outstanding results can be achieved. Resin bonding can be used to make either a small or significant change to improve your smile.

Plaque can’t tell the difference between fillings and normal teeth, so checkups are still important.


If the tooth is broken, had a root canal or has a very large filling in it, your Sunshine Coast dentist may suggest putting a crown or a cap over it. Crowns help restore strength to the tooth, keeping it healthier for longer. Like a filling, the process of fitting a crown can be pain free. Using modern CAM/CAD digital technology, your dentist will be able to create a ceramic crown made specifically for you.

Root canal therapy

If the dental pulp gets infected or inflamed in a tooth, your dentist may decide to treat it with root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is a method of removing the dental pulp tissue inside the harder shell of tooth in order to save the tooth. The quicker the treatment occurs, the more likely the success of the root canal therapy, so early intervention is important.

Dental implants

In some cases, your dentist may suggest an implant. Dental implants are anchored into the bone to support dental restorations like crowns, bridges and artificial teeth. Implants are a fantastic permanent solution for missing teeth that allows you to eat and talk normally.

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