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It’s not really the Queen’s birthday this long weekend – she’s already blown out 92 candles in April – but the date conveniently spaces public holidays in Australia. It’s a great chance to get away for a break, or to binge-watch a TV series while the weather is cool – The Crown could be ideal this weekend!

But if this extra time out is reminding you that you’re almost half way through the year and behind on personal maintenance, maybe it’s time for some regal attitude.

Put yourself first so you can catch up on health and wellbeing checkups – you can do more for others if you’re healthy yourself.

Don’t forget to book in a dental checkup with your National Dental Care practitioner, too. Your oral health is as important as your physical health.


If you’re behind with dental care

If you’re not sure when you last saw a dentist, it’s definitely time for a checkup. Even if nothing is hurting, six-monthly dental checks are important to spot any developing issues, and for a professional dental clean.

It’s always better to discover and treat an issue early – it’s easier and cheaper. And dentists also check your mouth for subtle changes which could indicate more serious problems such as oral cancer. Early discovery means medical treatment can begin as soon as possible.


When you need a crown…or other dental work

When you’re not a princess but you still need a crown, it’s probably your dentist who is going to supply it. Dental checkups can reveal issues needing additional treatment to keep your smile the way you’d like.

Crowns are used when a tooth is discoloured, cracked, broken or heavily filled. The crown is a cap for a damaged tooth and can be made of various materials, depending on the location of the crown.

Bridges can also replace missing or damaged teeth, as can dental implants. Your National Dental Care practitioner will suggest the types of treatment to suit your particular issues.

If your teeth are in good repair but just a little stained, you could have your teeth whitened for a more regal smile for your loyal subjects.

If your teeth have never been as straight as you’d like, talk with your National Dental Care practitioner to see if almost-invisible Invisalign treatment is suited to your needs.


What if your budget isn’t royal?

If the royal coffers have come up a little short for necessary dental work, no need to panic. You may be eligible for an interest-free payment plan which will help you get a new crown or other important treatment.

You don’t have to be a princess to want to have healthy teeth and a great smile – good oral health is an investment in your overall health as well as your professional image. Book a checkup with your National Dental Care practitioner online today.

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