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National Dental Care partners with all major health fund providers (preferred funds), and with all practices offering HICAPS facilities you can claim your rebate on the spot on the day of your treatment.

If your procedure falls under the Medicare scheme you can also claim on the day of your appointment.

Many National Dental Care practices are classified as preferred providers, allowing health fund members to gain access to exclusive benefits depending on your health covers.

Please check your health fund policy to determine what portion of your fee is covered. Not all private health insurance providers are the same and your level of cover will affect how much you will receive.

HICAPS enables us to provide our patients with efficient and easy payment processing for private health fund claims and Medicare claims.

Please note that we need your health fund card in order to be able to make a claim on the day.

HICAPS is Australia’s leading electronic claims & payments system, offering patients the convenience of automatic claims processing on the spot, in the practice.
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