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Dr Sami Moid

Dentist  |  BDS (University of Otago, New Zealand)

Dr Sami Moid attained his Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University of Otago with a full university scholarship. He started his practice of Dentistry in a Hospital setting, then moved on to Rural areas both in New Zealand and Australia, and most recently moved to Melbourne.

Dr Moid has completed theoretical training and has had practical experience for over a decade in many procedures including:

Periodontal Gum disease (Periodontics), Advanced Root Canal treatments (Endontontics), Complex Crown & Bridge work (Prosthodontics), Implant placement and restoration (Implantology), Bone grafting & Sinus lifts producing new bone, Denture fabrication, Custom Mouthguard fabrication, Occlusal splints for Bruxing, Sleep Apnea Bi-Maxillary appliance fabrication and most Oral Surgery procedures.

Dr Moid has also been involved in mentoring new budding students at various Universities for roughly half a decade. He is a big believer in continuing professional development, educating patients and handing down knowledge and experience to our qualified youngsters with patience, wisdom and passion.

He is also an accredited and qualified user of a Leica M320 surgical microscope as well as Dental Soft & Hard tissue Lasers. Dr Moid continues to stay up to date with the newest and most innovative dental technologies to better serve his patients.

Three concepts that summarise his practice of dentistry are:

  1. Minimum Intervention dentistry
  2. Evidence-based dentistry
  3. Microscope Enhanced dentistry

Dr Moid says “Looking through a surgical microscope is like seeing a tiny 10mm tooth the size of a massive watermelon, with that kind of visibility and precision there is no room left for error. That is why I use it for all my procedures from simple cleaning all the way to advanced oral surgeries. I call it High Definition (HD) Dentistry!”

Outside dentistry Dr Moid has a passion for learning languages and is currently working on learning Arabic along with already being able to speak Hindi, English & Urdu.

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