Rukshi Wickramasuriya - National Dental Care

Dr Rukshi Wickramasuriya


I grew up in Victoria and moved to sunny Gold Coast to complete my dental training at Griffith University. Since graduating I have worked for Queensland Health servicing both rural and remote patients. I was also fortunate enough to supervise and teach a small cohort of final year dental students.

I strongly believe in oral health promotion and dental education as the foundation for dental practices. I pride myself on dual decision making, whereby my patients and I decide together on each treatment option. All I can offer is advice; but together we can treat and restore your tooth to meet any requirement.

I am interested in all aspects of general dentistry. My passion however is in oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry. I too recognise the importance of every dental appointment being comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. I will make sure even having a tooth removed is as comfortable as possible for you.

Outside the surgery; I love travelling and spending time with my family and friends. I love volunteering and helping those less fortunate than you and I. Recently I visited Nepal on a not-for-profit excursion to provide dental treatment to those in remote communities who haven’t had access, let alone the opportunity to seek dental help for years.

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